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The Biography of a Dazzling Girl: A Short Story

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

Introduction of Little Janet

A girl named Janet was having the time of her life in the same bedroom she shared with her sisters abroad. Her elder sisters were busy with books, studies, and homework. While they were completely absorbed in them, little Janet was playing on her bed at an edge and fell awkwardly into the narrow space between beds. And there she faced the first challenge of her life.

An X-ray test on her left arm showed she had a fracture inside, and doctors plastered her hand. Struggling for over six months, her plaster was removed, and she was back to her joyous life playing with both hands.

Janet Grows Up

It was time for Janet to attend school. She already knew her A, B & C's and counting numbers. So she was ahead of the class, and she earned good grades. She was performing well like her elder sisters.

But Daddy decided to return to their home country for a better life and settled schooling for his three daughters accordingly.

Getting admitted to a new school and gradually settling down in their new home, the three sisters once more put attention to their academic life.

Janet did well, if not excellent. She also found life in family recreation when Daddy would take them to his brand new car and go on long drives, listening to music.

As Janet started to grow up, she faced more challenges. Her family life seemed troubled. There were arguments between Mommy and Daddy, and it bothered her a lot. It was a challenge for her to concentrate on her studies. Nevertheless, she staggered on with the help of her two good elderly sisters.

The Dazzling Girl

The Dazzling Girl

Janet has a New Sibling

In the months that followed, the sisters came to know they would have a new member added to the family, and Mommy's tummy clearly indicated it.

Janet was happy about the news and couldn't wait to see the newborn. Yes, a fair and tiny baby came to life. Janet was the one who felt the deepest love for him. She would take him in her arms and carry him all around the house. She would look after him, feed him and put him to sleep. Yes, she loved her baby brother a lot.

As time passed, Daddy suddenly had a heart attack. After a series of attacks for the next few months, he was hospitalized. Then he succumbed to his illness and was gone from this earth.

Janet’s brother was too young to understand what happened. But he was six years old and could comprehend gradually that he lost his Daddy for good. Much as it was painful for her brother, it was more painful for Janet to think that her baby brother would have to be raised now without Daddy.

Janet Goes for Higher Studies

Janet finished high school and was looking for opportunities for higher studies abroad. While she applied to different universities abroad, Janet started to have continuous rows with her brother. They were always quarreling or even fighting physically.

Gradually the brother was distanced from her, and he found more solace in his eldest sister's company, who was always loving and caring toward him.

Janet got admission in a renowned university abroad. She was going to leave her family for the first time, and it seemed very challenging to her. Little did she know would never again settle in her home country but would settle abroad for good.

As she finished higher studies, she was compelled to finish her masters as well, and she did so gracefully. She found a job in her school in the administrative section and continued it for years.

About Janet’s Friends

In the meantime, Janet was acquainted with a lot of guy and gal friends. However, she started to lose contacts with them one by one. But one half American guy stuck with her through thick and thin. For years they helped each other and shared stories of their daily lives. Janet cooked and ate together with the guy. Sometimes the guy would take her to lunch or movies.

They didn’t make a commitment to be girlfriend and boyfriend but they strolled on through life for years head-on, helping each other.

At last, the day came, when this guy named Peter declared to Janet that he was moving to another state for a higher paying job. Janet was very teary at the news. There was no declared commitment in their relationship but it was understood they were a fine couple, getting along well with each other.

Peter finally proposed to her, and she was immediately in moments of euphoria. So they were both moving to the new state after getting married in the current state.

It was time to get married. And indeed it was a special ceremony.

It was like a small family get-together in fact. Peter’s parents and brother together with Janet’s elder sister and family were the only guests. The bride and bridegroom had a big surprise in store.

The Kazi married them off, and they shared a kiss. Then they both got into a huge balloon basket. Her new hubby helped Janet to get inside. A man was at the controls inside, and additionally, a van outside monitored the balloon. With all their guidance together, the balloon flew higher and higher upward toward the sky.

The guests were advised to get inside their vehicles and follow the van.

Gradually the balloon descended to the ground in a grassy area. The van and the guests arrived shortly to see a huge buffet with a wonderful cake waiting for them in the natural environment. As the guests helped themselves, nearby children flocked to see the bride. As a gesture of this inquisitiveness, Janet handed over to them generous pieces of cake and candy.

The ceremony came to a close. They bade farewell to each other, and Janet headed for home with her new hubby.

The Post Wedding Kiss

The Post Wedding Kiss

The Marriage Bond Strengthened

Both Janet and her hubby settled down in the new state.

Peter started attending his new job, and Janet found a job in a nearby university in the administrative section.

A year passed by when Janet had another challenge to face. Her health was failing her. She had stomach aches and could hardly eat. Doctors after doctors couldn't trace out the reason. Finally, a good doctor advised her to exercise and bring her appetite back to normal. She had transformed into a skinny person by now. But it didn't have to be that way any longer.

Slowly and surely, following the doctor's advice, Janet was still slim but she regained back her health. Her concerned hubby took her on long drives to nearby states for sightseeing and shopping.

Yes, both Janet and Peter were happy again. As Janet was returning home from one of their long drives, she was compelled to say, "Thank you, Peter, for all your help and care. I don't know what I would have done without you!"

Peter responded quickly, ”It’s okay, darling. You are the only woman I have ever loved so much.”

And they shared a blissful kiss.


The story shows you, the reader that a girl has to keep fighting and overcoming obstacles, standing upright on her feet. Then she can really find for herself the silver lining behind the clouds.

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