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The Beginning of Us All


Whirling dervishes, all as a spinning top,

Round and round, they go, to never stop.

A Universe of such wonders, us to behold,

As all about us, its spectacular story is told.

When every child is born then of its mother,

Everyone to have their sister and a brother.

Even those mothers before, on down the line,

Bearing each, most precious birth, all in kind.


A mystery, an origin of all of the species,

There are still to be many missing pieces.

The lives of every mother and her child,

Of a heritage to be so proud, all to smile.

The very beginning, a start of one and all,

the large of all the creatures, as the small,

Traced back to a thought, its very concept,

of a rendering, it releases its own precept.


The tiniest microorganisms, to those huge,

Is a creation of this veritable living deluge.

Repeated multitudes of times, are seeded,

Universally accepted, is each form greeted.

Size nor length of time was never a factor,

The universal clock, not a single detractor.

As an only conceived beginning, that of all,

Never to have an ending, a Summer or Fall.

Our spirits live on forever in celestial heights, with our Maker.

Our spirits live on forever in celestial heights, with our Maker.


all rights reserved and under copyright laws 2017