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The Beautiful of Soul


Those hardest of workers, in mills, factories and of shops,

Giving their all each day, their great devotion never stops.

Going beyond a determined attitude, their sweat and pain,

The strongest of internal fortitude this does so well explain.

The strong heart, the most beautiful soul, never concealed,

As they strive each and every day, their true love revealed.

They do it for their family, and always to try their very best,

Showing how much they care, of how they've been blessed.


The children of these precious ones do reflect in every way,

Just how well those examples mean, by acts they all display.

Passing this all along to their future ones, these same ideals.

Making their own way of life, a better world, as each one feels.

Giving much more than life to the babes, each parent's caress,

Showing them what success is all about, helping pass the test.

The pure of mind and body, building character and a strength,

Helping to lead the way, a beacon to follow in life, of its length.


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