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The Beautiful Day

It was five o’clock in the morning, the sun was just starting to outline the mountains in the distance. As I stretched in bed, I smelled the coffee brewing and I got up, I walk into the bathroom. Shortly after that, I walked into the kitchen and poured me a cup of coffee. I took one sip of my coffee and I heard the floor squeak. I sat my cup down and poured another cup and I pick up my cup and walk over to the kitchen table. As I was sitting the cups down, my wife walks into the living room.

Good morning my love. How did you sleep? I ask.

Good morning honey. I slept well and how did you sleep? She asks.

I slept rough. I just cannot wait for spring to arrive. I feel like a walk today or maybe a nice long hike. The weather shows that it is going to be warm. I spoke.

It seemed like hours went by before she even gave a response or sound or anything. She sat there sipping her coffee, while I sat with patients for a response. Honey, what do you think about that? Are you going to say anything? I ask with extraordinarily little patience in my voice.

Look here babe, it has only been a few seconds that I was enjoying my cup of coffee. You are acting like; you have been waiting for hours. So, relax and let me think about it. First, who will be doing the driving and where are we going to walk or hike at? She said.

I apologize honey bug; I was thinking that we could go to your favorite park that you like so much. If you choose to go hiking, I was thinking about going to the Rocking Mountain ranges and pick a path there. I have everything ready for us to do either one. I said.

It is alright, let me think about it and I will let you know. She said.

We sat at the table in quietness. I finish my cup and I knew she was close to being done. So, I got up and walk into the kitchen and grab the pot of coffee, I did my silly, I am the boss stroll, that she always laughs at and rolls her eyes in the process. I watch as I approach her and I gently and smoothly lean to give her a kiss on top of her head while I pour her coffee. As I pull away, I hear her give me a soft and gentle chuckle with a grin. I love making her smile every day, it brightens my day up. As I walk back to the kitchen and I stop to pour my coffee and I continue to the kitchen. I glance at the clock. It reads 7:30 and she still has not given me an answer.

After placing the pot back, I turn and walk to my chair. No sooner I sit down and have a sip the silence was broke. It was her just clearing her throat, so I decide to give her my sad puppy eyes that I do so well. I can tell she is trying so hard not to look at me, but I already know she will cave in and do so. All I must do is wait for that moment and she does. Inside my head I yell VICTORY IS ALL MINE!

All right, all right you win, I will give you my answer now. I do not feel like a long hike in the mountains. So, we can go for a walk, but wherever you want to go. If it is not the mountains, I am a little bit sore from the week that I had. She said.

Yes, I do understand, and it will differently not be at the mountains. I do love our favorite park and we will go there for our romantic walk in the park. I am going to start getting ready now. I said.

I cannot wait for our romantic walk either. I will start getting ready with you. She said

After an hour, we are ready to go. It was around ten when we walk out of the house and it was a gorgeous warm day with a slight breeze for the day. We got in my truck and back out of the driveway and pull away from the house. We had the windows halfway down, where the wind did not mess her hair up. We stop at a red light and we are watching the traffic go by. I have the radio on the classical station, I look at her as our song starts to play and she looks at me. I smile and I wink, she starts to blush. A quick breeze came into the cab.

Oh man babe, do you smell the fresh cut grass in the wind? Is that not the greatest smell of spring? I said with excitement in my voice.

Yes, it is. Spring is here. She said with a smile.

I notice that the light has turn green and we continue to the park. Ten minutes later, we pull into a parking spot at the park. I quickly jump out of the truck holding my hand up telling her to wait for me. I open her door and hold my hand out for her to take. The moment I feel her hand caressing my palm and my fingertips before she grasps my hand into hers. My heart skips a beat and melts all at the same time with a tingling feeling running completely through my body. My first thought was “I cannot believe she picked me to be hers.” As I smile at her, I help her out of the truck.

We start walking to our right heading to the duck pond. I put my arm around her with her head against my side of my chest. I start to look around and I show her little flower buds all around the park. As we sit down, I see a flower that is already bloomed. My eyes light up with love. I tell her to close her eyes and that I will return shortly.

This is for you, my love. The first bloom of the year for us at the same spot that I saw you at and you picked me to be yours and yours only. I am a lucky person. I said.

I do not know what to say to that. We both are the luckiest people. Please sit and gaze out at the pond with me. She spoke with tears in her eyes.

I sat down and hand her the flower. I put my arms around her. Our heads resting upon each other’s looking out at the ducks swimming along, as our hands enter twine together. I whisper to her that I love her.

© 2021 Tosha Alston