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The Beast of Starlight Camp


The Beast of Starlight Camp

It was a hot Thursday afternoon at the starlight camp. The year was 1955. Everything was fresh and new for these campers. As the day comes to a close the camp counselor known as ‘Mr.’ George sits down by the fire as one of the other counselors, Jay, rounds up the campers. As they all sit down Jay leaves to go grab his magic suit.

“As all of you know, Tomorrow will be the last day of your camp. So to make it special I have a story to tell you all.” George yelled out. You could hear all the campers cheer with excitement. Laughing George continues, “This tale is a spooky one. Are you sure you can handle it?”


“We Can!”

“Just tell the story!”

Those were only a few of the thousand things being said from the 40 campers.

“Okay Okay! Let's get to it!” George yells out theatrically.

“There was once a redeemed scientist living in these woods. He lived here right in this very spot, with his daughter, Opehila. Slowly over time his inventions got worse and worse and so did his mental wellbeing, so he began using many different drugs, such as meth, heroin, and marajuna. After a year of using, he was coming down from everything. Then all of a sudden, a bear mauled Ophelia to death. The scientist was the one that found her. After she had died he made it a goal to create a living, breathing, and thinking animal.”

Looking over his shoulder, George could see Jay getting ready behind the trees to scare the campers.

“Fulled by drugs and sorrow the scientist killed many animals and skinned them after eating from them. Soon he had enough to create his perfect beast. It could be his child he thought. Well, once the beast was created he was jumping up and down with excitement. Then out of nowhere the beast attacked him!”

Gasps were heard from the crowd of campers.


And they say the beast still roams this area to this day.”

Jay rushed out of the bushes in a bigfoot costume and scares the campers. Some of them start to laugh, while the others begin to cry. Laughing George and Jay high-five.

“Time for bed campers.” Jay yells out, while George gets up and rounds up the kids.

As all the campers get into their cabins Jay and George move the showers.

“That was nice man! Where do you come up with these stories Georgie?”

“Ha! I don't know anymore i swear they come to me in dreams.”

“Woah sounds freakish. You might be a witch!”

Both counselors laugh out in the shower.

After they shower they check in with the owner and eat some food with the other counselors.

“Wow George, that story was pretty freaky.” One of them would say.

“Yeah, I think I am going to have nightmares, those poor kids.” Another said.

Slowly the counselors go to bed leaving only George and Jay left. As they left the cabin and went outside to watch the stars, they heard screaming. Screaming of what? As they went closer to the cabins they could make out, “THE BEAST. THE BEAST. HELP!”

Running now Jay and George run up to the door only to realize that it was locked.

“Its just one of them having a nightmare.”

Right after George said that you could see blood splatter onto the window.

Both boys went pale white. Then out of nowhere the door gives away.

The next morning the parents come to a gruesome scene. Blood, boodies, a gun, and a-?


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