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The Auspicious Finger Ring

I discovered my passion for writing after I quit my day job. So I began to write fiction stories, self-help books, and articles, blogs, etc.

I was taking my morning stroll through the park. It was the same sunshine, birds, geese, trees, wet grasses and flowers here and there. Nothing had changed. "Only you can change", I reminded myself. But something incredible was about to happen that would change my outlook on life.

What was it? Something hard hit my right foot beneath my walking shoe. I moved away my foot, and I was amazed. It was a ring with shiny white stones in it. I took it in my hand and observed it.

“Were the stones diamonds?” I asked myself. I had a closer look and concluded it to be a piece of junk jewelry dropped accidentally by someone from the nearby club party last night.

Nevertheless, I loved the ring and intended to show it to my date later in the evening. I looked around to see if anybody would claim it, but there was nobody in the vicinity.

When I reached my apartment, I called my date and asked him if he could pick me up an hour earlier. I said I wanted him to accompany me to the jewelry shop. He said, "Okay, sweetheart. Did you find something interesting to shop for?" I didn't feel like telling him everything on the phone. So, I just blurted out, “Yes, something like that.”

In the late afternoon, I started to get dressed up. I wore dark blue jeans and a cyan colored T-shirt with sparse dark blue embroidery on it. I put makeup on my face and tried a variety of hairstyles until I was contented with one of them.

My phone buzzed. My date, Adnan was right on time. He did come an hour earlier.

I hurried to lock my apartment door, taking my purse with me. I wore the piece of jewelry that I had found in the morning at the park on my ring finger so that I could show it spontaneously to Adnan.

Adnan brightened up as I showed up. He said, “What’s up?”

I replied, “I have something to show you.”

Adnan asked out of curiosity, “What is it?”

I showed my ring finger and asked him to comment on the ring.

He said, "Well, it doesn't look like a diamond ring. Did you buy it recently?"

I then narrated the tale of the park where I found it.

Adnan said, “It sure looks nice. But I guess the stones aren’t diamonds if that is what you are looking for.”

I said, “I wanted to confirm that. Would you take me to the nearest jewelry store? Then we could go to the restaurant you have booked for the evening.”

Adnan said, “Okay, I will be glad to help.”

He started to drive away, and it was not long before he halted before a jewelry shop.

We went inside, and without arousing suspicions, I said simply, “I got this ring as a birthday gift. Can you tell us what kind of stones it has?”

The shop owner scrutinized it and went inside to check. He returned later to confirm our thoughts about the stones on the ring. Yes, indeed, they were not diamonds, but just some ordinary shiny stones, perfect for a birthday gift, which the shop owner asserted.

Pic1: The Ring (Which Proved to Be Auspicious) That I Have Preserved Until Today

Pic1: The Ring (Which Proved to Be Auspicious) That I Have Preserved Until Today

We were on our way to retain the evening’s date. Adnan, driving for a while, stopped in front of a grand restaurant. Darkness was falling all around when we got inside. I had put the ring inside my purse just like that.

It was a buffet restaurant. There were no long queues, and we had easy access to the food of different kinds and piled them on our plates before we took them back to our seats.

Pic2: The Buffet at the Restaurant

Pic2: The Buffet at the Restaurant

As we were about to have our meals, a man dressed shabbily and with ruffled hair came in inquiring about a lady named Rosina.

Luckily it was a new restaurant, and nobody knew my name there although they might have known Adnan’s as he had booked the seats earlier in the day.

A waiter boy came up to our table and asked Adnan to come out for a while. It looked like there was some problem.

"What business do you have with Rosina?" asked Adnan going up to the mysterious man.

“Do you know her?” he asked anxiously.

“Well, tell me what you want from her”, Adnan demanded.

“I can’t tell you. I just need to talk to her”, said the man.

In the section inside, since it was taking Adnan quite a long time, I playfully opened the purse and put the ring on the finger of my left hand and looked at it in awe.

And then, I walked out of the section to the front to see what was taking Adnan so much time. We were both about to eat. What happened?

I was surprised to see the shabby man. I knew him and recognized him. He was a guy I dated two years back. I left him quickly after I came to know of his businesses in drugs and illegal stuff.

His reaction to looking at me seemed dangerous. It looked like he would attack me anytime aggressively.

I wondered if Adnan was strong enough to protect me. But something else helped.

I saw the man disintegrate into five clones. One by one they all crippled, fell and disappeared. But the original one remained.

In my distress, I removed the ring from my finger and was about to put it back in my purse when Adnan shouted at the top of his voice, “Put the ring back on your finger, Rosina.”

And I did, unable to comprehend what was happening.

The real shabby man (whose name I couldn’t recall) started to fall on his knees. He groaned like a hurt puppy on the floor and couldn’t get up.

He didn’t cripple or disappear like his clones. But he lay on the ground, making little noises with his mouth, unable to get up or move.

The police had been called, and they were right up, taking reports and putting the culprit man in handcuffs for his misconduct.

They intended to interrogate the man further while they left Adnan and me at the restaurant after inquiring a few fundamental questions.

Adnan and I went back to the section, having our meals and enjoying chitchat.

"Didn't you realize that the ring saved you?" asked Adnan.

"Really, how would you know?" I asked.

“Well, his clones disintegrated and disappeared while you were wearing the ring. As soon as you removed the ring from your finger, the original self of the man began to regain his strength and proceed forward to attack you. When you put on the ring again, he lost his energy and vigor and crashed on the ground, groaning.”

“Oh! I didn’t notice or realize the power of this little piece of jewelry. It sure did save my life, Adnan!”

Adnan held my hands and said joyfully in agreement, “Wear it all the time, and you will be safe.”

I remarked, “I am indebted to the ring and you as well, Adnan. Above all, I thank God that I am well and still breathing all right. It was only His desire that the auspicious ring would fall into my hands!”

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