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The Atmosphere Against Us


Only Air

The atmosphere between us became the atmosphere against us.

No layers, covers, walls, or streets.

Between us, only air.

The heat radiating from our minds was strong enough to cause atoms to tremble.

We reached, but it became a pull in the opposite direction.

Like two magnets wanting nothing more than to be together, but not being in the right position.

Each inhale brought us a little closer, but the exhales pushed us farther, causing a gentle dismantling.

There are entire meadows that are blooming because the wind whispered your name.

Forests believe you to be spring, turning emerald as you give your attention towards their direction.

Grapevines spread themselves as far as possible to let your existence be known.

Clouds give way to the sunlight at the mention of your arrival.

Birds sing your name across the fields to give meaning to their melodies.

But she was all you could see.

You can't tell me that smoke isn't attracted to beauty when your cigarettes leave a trail behind her.

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