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The Art of Being Enough

You saw all my beauty, but you didn't try to break through my skin.

You saw all my beauty, but you didn't try to break through my skin.

Understand Your Own Worth

You can spend your entire life comparing yourself to being as resonant of a human as the person who was chosen over you, or you can let yourself ring louder and stronger than them.

You are more than who you were when you were with the person who didn't feel like you were enough.

You will always be worth more than the people who make you feel worthless.

The sun will always rise just for you to kiss your cheek, no matter how hard the darkness tried to strangle you below its encompassing weight.

The moon may only offer the most microscopic sliver of light when you need it to lead you back to wherever you found your home, but it has an entire support system of stars to spell out the directions for you through their constellations.

You have to stop comparing yourself to the definitions of those who decided they didn't want you anymore. Maybe them letting you go was their hidden way of giving back all of the luminesence you have on your own.

And maybe the reason you stopped feeling like you were enough for this universe was because you allowed the people who shadowed your glow to tear your roots and break your branches.

There is no reason for you to be sinking in an ocean full of people that don't think you are capable of realigning the stars and shattering the belief that we only live on this earth once.

We never stop existing, no matter how hard we try.

We will live on in a fallen leaf, a blooming flower, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a mind of someone who has spent a whole life searching for answers that only you can give them.

And even when your sun sets, your flower wilts, your foundation cracks, and your colors fade, your light will become one with the stars and you will remain as more than enough.

© 2017 Xandra Lang

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