The Argument at the Stadium

Updated on June 28, 2018
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Muhammad Usman is a student based in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a person interested in writing.

The sky was clear. The sun shone brightly while the queue crawled on slowly, inch by inch. Everyone including me was sweating profusely Like the people before and behind me, I too waiting for my turn to enter the stadium and be a spectator to the Wimbledon's finals.

All of a sudden I heard a commotion. Far in the back, two people -one a teenager and the other an elderly person- were arguing. The teenager was dressed in a sportswear and was holding a tennis racquet in one hand. The old man was dressed formally. On listening closely, I found out that the teenager was originally in front of the man. However he left the queue for a moment for some reason. He thus demanded from the old man that he should get his original place in the queue which was deemed as quite unreasonable by the elderly man. As the argument escalated investigation they found the young persons' demand quite unreasonable and they barred him from entering the stadium

The match ended with Federer's' decisive victory. I was just beginning to enter my car when I saw the elderly man, with whom the teenager had a fight with, standing nearby his car - a beautiful black Chevrolet. He looked worried and depressed. "What happened?", I inquired. "My car's tyres have been slashed." he replied and indeed it was true. All of the tyres of his car bore marks of sharp instruments that had been mercilessly used against them. All of the tyres were totally flat save one which had some air left. I asked to help and we both removed the tyres from his car and went off to repair them, if possible, or buy new ones.

We arrived at the stadium's parking lot, with two new tyres and two repaired ones, an hour later. Arriving there we saw a truly spectacular sight. Someone was inside the old man's, whose name was Mr. Charles as I found out, Chevrolet. We ran to the car. The man was apparently trying to break his way out. We got closer and recognised the person as the same teenager who got into an argument with the old man. He had apparently locked himself inside while getting inside his car for an apparent mischievous aim. We called the stadium guards who handed him over to the police.

The police questioned the boy. They found out that the teenager was trying to harm Mr. Charles car as a revenge because he was banned from the stadium. The boy was a neighbour of Mr. Charles, according to Mr. Charles himself. He thus knew his car well. On Mr. Charles request the boy was released but with a warning.

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