The Angelic Apparition

Updated on March 2, 2017
Angelic Apparition
Angelic Apparition | Source

Part One: The Accident

Seven year old Logan McCarthy was leaning on the white window sill observing his new neighborhood from his bedroom. The window was open allowing the cool refreshing breeze through the rectangular screen beneath the window. The setting sun was not visible and the daylight was fading rapidly. The street lights illuminated the road.

As the darkness filtered in, the street lamps illuminated. A flash of lightning appeared not far from Logan's home. The street lamps extinguished. A set of headlamps appeared about a quarter mile down the road. The vehicle was weaving from side to side as it sped down the road toward the curve.

The McCarthy home was just beyond the point where the road curved to the left. A low cement wall defined the boundary between the road and the front lawn.

From Logan's window, the car appeared to be headed right toward him. Logan was mesmerized by the headlamps and did not realize that the car was speeding up. A second flash of lightning lit up the faces of an old man in the driver's seat and a young boy in the passenger seat of the speeding car.

The old man locked up the brakes as he realized he could not maneuver the curve. His car was headed straight for the corner of the wall. When the car hit the wall, it flipped over and landed on it's roof. The boy and the old man laid motionless; their heads resting on the interior car ceiling; both with broken necks and severe concussions.

Logan heard his mom calling his name. She gently grabbed him by his arms and pulled him away from the window. Then she turned him around so that he was facing her and hugged him while kissing him on his forehead.

Mom did not want Logan to see the bodies of the man and the boy being placed in body bags. She felt he had seen too much already.

Part Two: Logan and Kevin

Mom heard her 10 year old son Kevin telling a police officer to wait by the front door. Kevin entered the bedroom, but before he could say anything, Mom interjected, "Kevin, please take Logan to the playroom." She paused long enough to see Logan's face light up. "You guys can play some video games.

"Mom, A police officer wants to talk to you." Kevin said. Then Kevin and Logan entered the playroom.

The two windows in the playroom faced the right side and the back of the house. The front lawn was not visible through either window. One would not have been able to see the car racing down the street because the view was blocked by the neighbor's house.

Kevin's bedroom was adjacent to the playroom. From his bedroom windows he could view the backyard and the house on the left side. Hence, even if Kevin were looking either window, he would not have seen the accident.

"Did you see what happened?" Kevin asked.

"Yeah" Logan responded.

"Wanna talk about it?" asked Kevin.

"Nah. Let's play a game." Logan paused, "Can I sleep in your bedroom tonight?"

"Yeah .... If it is okay with mom."

Logan turned toward the door.

"Don't ask her now. Let's play. You can ask her later."

Logan agreed.

They played games for an hour.

"You're losing every game." Kevin commented, "What's wrong?"

"I can't stop thinking about the crash." Logan looked at Kevin, "You were with the police officer, Did the old man and the boy die?"

"I don't know." Kevin paused, "Did you know the kid?"

"Kind of."

"Did you guys play together?"

"No. Not really. He's not in my class."

"Do you know his name?"

"Some other kids called him Ricky. . . I think."

Part Three: Logan and Mom

The next morning Mom phoned the school and explained why Logan and Kevin would not be there.

"Hi Logan." Mom said as Logan entered the kitchen.

"Hi," Logan said.

Mom saw the look on Logan's face. She waited for him to speak.

"Mom, What happened to Ricky?"

"He was taken to the hospital."

"Why does this kind of stuff happen?"

"It was an accident."

Kevin mumbled something as he entered the kitchen.

Mom shot Kevin a side glance.

"What! I didn't say anything wrong." Kevin protested.

"Kevin." Mom had heard what Kevin mumbled.

"Okay! I heard it on the radio." Kevin said as he returned to his bedroom.

"What'd they say?" Logan asked.

Mom knew Logan was going to find out sooner or later. She thought it would be better if she told him. "Logan, Please sit down."

Logan sat down. His mom pulled up a chair and sat beside him. "Logan, your brother heard on the radio that Ricky died this morning at the hospital. That's what he was mumbling."

Logan just sat there with his mouth open. "Oh. I thought maybe that might happen"

"Why'd you think that?"

"Because the crash looked really bad."

Mom pulled the chair closer to Logan and hugged him. "Yeah. It was. I really think Ricky is in heaven with God now.". Mom paused, "We can talk about it again sometime if you like."

Logan shook his head up and down.

Mom stood up and said, "I'm making pancakes for breakfast." She knew that Logan and Kevin loved pancakes.

"Sounds great, mom."

Part Four: Knowing

As Logan walked toward the playroom, he stopped and glanced into his bedroom. He looked back at his mom. She was making pancakes on the stove.

Mom called Kevin and told him to come sit with Logan and herself on Logan's bed. Kevin sat on one side of her and Logan sat on the other side of her. She placed one arm around Logan's shoulders and the other arm around Kevin's shoulders. Then she pulled them both close to her and hugged them.

"Kevin, do you remember Ricky?"

"His face looked familiar. But I can't place him."

"Logan, you were too small to remember him. You were only a year old." She paused, "You boys are lucky. You have both a mom and a dad."

"Dad is never home," Kevin said, "It's like not having one."

"That is because of Dad's job. Remember what I told you about his job?"

"Yeah, he's in field service."

"He goes all over the world repairing equipment. That's why you only see him once in a while." She turned to Logan, "But he has to work so we can have a house and food."

"So why are we lucky?"

"Cause for Ricky, his dad was all he had."

"Where's his mom?"

"His mom is in heaven. She died when Logan and Ricky were babies."

"Kevin, you were in preschool. But I took care of Logan and Ricky while Ricky's dad attended his mom's wake and funeral.

"After that, Ricky's dad sold their house and moved away. I never saw them again until last night."

Mom rose from the bed. "Okay, boys. The pancakes are ready."

As they proceeded out of the bedroom, Kevin turned to Logan and said, "If you want to sleep in my room again tonight, you can."


The boys took their seats at the kitchen table.

Part Five: The Angel

That evening Logan once again stopped and glanced into his bedroom. The thought of entering the bedroom made him feel uncomfortable. So he proceeded to sleep in Kevin's room.

But Logan woke up a few hours before sunrise. He went into the kitchen for a glass of water. He did not turn on any lights. He became curious because his bedroom was not as dark as it usually was a few hours before sunrise. He approached the entrance to his bedroom.

He saw a tiny brilliant light on the wall above the window . The light was about the size of the point of a sharpened pencil. Yet it did not hurt Logan's eyes.

Logan began to turn away when he heard a voice, "Don't be afraid. You can stand outside the room if you please. I'm not going to hurt you."

When Logan looked again. The brilliant light point had become a brilliant line that extended from the top of the window frame to the ceiling. Then the brilliant line slowly widened until it became a brilliant rectangle. Logan could see the silhouette of young boy with wings.

Logan mouthed a single word, "Ricky?"

"Yes. It's me."

Logan was stunned. He really did not know what to think. "But --- you're dead."

"Not really." replied Ricky, "Nobody really dies. Part of us stays here and part of us goes somewhere else." Ricky paused, "Like me. Part of me is here. And part of me is with my mom and my dad. And we all are very happy."


"I just stopped by to tell you that everything is okay."

Logan did not respond. He heard his mom approaching him. "Who are you talking to?" Logan pointed but mom could not see who Logan was pointing to. "Why are you standing here in the dark?"

Ricky waved goodbye as his image faded.

His mom flip the light switch by the bedroom door. Logan glanced at her.

"Just making sure you don't trip over something." She paused, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah mom."

Mom smiled.

"Oh and by the way -- Ricky and his dad are okay." Logan said.

Mom looked perplexed.

"I just know they are. Honest"

Kevin came out of his bedroom. "Hey Logan, you want to sleep in my bedroom tonight?"

"No, thanks, I can sleep in my own bedroom."

"That's cool." Kevin replied.

Logan entered his bedroom and flipped the light switch off. He got into bed, smiled and said, "Yeah."

For the first time since the accident, Logan felt comfortable.

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      • Paul Garand profile image

        Jake Clawson 

        22 months ago from Kazakhstan

        Very touching and sincere. To me, its kind of fun and nostalgic to explore childhood themes; especially the thoughts that go around our minds. Great piece sir.

      • johnmariow profile imageAUTHOR

        John Gentile 

        23 months ago from Connecticut

        Thanks for reading my short story. Glad you enjoyed it.

      • Nell Rose profile image

        Nell Rose 

        23 months ago from England

        Ah what a great story! bless! glad he was okay to sleep in the room on his own in the end.


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