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The Aftermath of Cousin Scarlett’s Choice

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Pic: Angelina’s Cousin, Scarlett

Pic: Angelina’s Cousin, Scarlett

The distant younger cousin named Scarlett paid visits to Angelina's home once or twice a month. They had chitchats together and enjoyed each other's company.

Once in a while, Scarlett would go on to the floor above Angelina's by mistake, and that was how she got acquainted with the guy upstairs.

Angelina didn’t know much about the guy upstairs but asked Scarlett to be mindful and not make the silly mistake again.

However, soon Scarlett started lying to her family at home that she was going to Angelina's residence, but actually, she went to the floor upstairs and met the guy.

The guy called Zack told Scarlett that he liked Angelina very much but couldn’t find a way to be closer to her. But now, he would instead want her cousin to be his friend.

Pic: The Guy on the Top Floor, Zack

Pic: The Guy on the Top Floor, Zack

Angelina was an intelligent girl. Soon she figured out her cousin was going to the top floor instead of coming to her home. Angelina didn't feel it was her duty to tell Scarlett's parents what their daughter was doing because Scarlett was an adult now, working in a school. Angelina didn't think she needed to warn her cousin’s parents about anything.

Pic: Angel-Like Angelina

Pic: Angel-Like Angelina

Then Angelina’s sixth sense told her that Scarlett didn’t leave Zack’s home upstairs one night and stayed with him all night, skipping her work at school all day. Zack didn’t let her go out. They had both oral and physical sex. Angelina’s sixth sense told her everything.

She didn't bother so much about it. If Scarlett would rather have sex with an asshole guy, let her do so. She would come back to her senses.

Her cousin did come back to her senses, but she couldn’t find help. Angelina couldn’t do anything and didn’t ask for trouble. All the same, her cousin couldn’t ask for help from her directly. How could she anyway?

Scarlett contacted her family. When she discussed her circumstances with them, they abandoned her and said they didn’t need a daughter like that. So, feeling bogged down and depressed, she returned to the guy’s apartment and had oral and physical sex again.

Then, one day, Angelina found out something peculiar. There were several voices at different pitches of her cousin. There were talking to each other on the floor above. Angelina was sure she wasn’t imagining it. What had happened? What did the guy on the top floor do to her?

It looked like there were several versions of the same cousin. Later, Angelina heard from her home complex gossip that both the guy and her cousin tried an experiment on themselves and the outcome was that they had multiple selves. Now that was scary.

What more, they would become invisible and travel unnoticed in the thin air. It was not long before Scarlett started coming to Angelina’s home invisibly, stealing food, clothes, accessories, money and what not! It was then Angelina got furious. “How dare Scarlett commit criminal activities?”

But Scarlett's original self got destroyed during their experiment, and she only lived in the form of ghosts. Same with Zack. How would Angelina tell the police or have them captured?

Angelina wouldn't have given much thought to the issue had Scarlett not started stealing things from her home. Scarlett would even dirty her floor with muddy footprint marks, go to the restroom as well, and dirty the floor.

Angelina would keep things in one place, and Scarlett's ghosts would transfer them to another area so that Angelina had to go hunting and searching for the desired items, feeling exhausted. She tried to report to her own family. But they didn't believe her, or they had issues of their own, which they didn’t want to unfurl!

It was a mysterious place to stay any longer. But fortunately, Angelina's Mom was making a home on the outskirts of the city. So, Angelina dreamed of the day she would go there and be away from the ghosts.

In two years, the new home was ready, and Angelina’s family shifted. To her extreme surprise, Scarlett’s ghosts also followed her to her new home. Angelina disliked Scarlett bitterly. She badly didn't want to be surrounded by ghosts for life.

But Angelina came to know through a third party that if Scarlett’s story was told to the world, she would find peace and leave her for good.

So here is her story told through Angelina’s author friend. Hopefully, both Angelina and her cousin Scarlett would find peace, and they would go about their ways, not bothering each other any longer.

However, it wasn't absolutely clear to Angelina how talking about her cousin's story to the world would help out Scarlett, but Angelina was willing to take the chance and see for herself if it would all end well. She sincerely hoped it would.

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