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The Old White House

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The Old White House


The Old White House

I was driven out into the county side and I seen this Old White House sitting all alone in the middle of a pasture of 40 acres it was leaning to the left a tad bit; it had a front porch still attached. I went to sit down on that porch and I could see that it was once someone’s home front with many faded memories of a life time. I could see many children at play running thru the open field. Mom and pops was sitting on their old wooden front porch on their homemade rocking chairs, pops was watching the children at play while churning the butter and mom was shucking the corn cob for dinner time. When pops rang the cow bell all the children ran in to wash up to sit at the table to eat their first hot meal for the day. Everyone would say the Almighty Grace each night at the dinner table, each child would say “May I be excused from the table?” They did not move until there was permission to do so. As I sat there I smiled of the thoughts of Oh how That Great Old White House had held beautiful loving cherished memories of a lifetime.

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