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That Ride Was Horrible

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It was the most pleasant day of the Spring season, in Beijing. The cool but pleasant wind was blowing. Sarah and Ali decided to visit Happy Valley that day. Happy Valley is Beijing’s most popular amusement park. It’s like you purchase tickets one time and can enjoy every ride there. The tickets were purchased online a few days back and now they were there to enjoy rides with kids. (Sarah and her younger sister had been too fond of rides, they used to try every ride whenever visited some park, but their elder sister was afraid of boating and even chair lifts)

“Oh, Roller coaster?” Sarah became excited to find out her favorite ride there. “It’s been my childhood dream to take this ride, Ali let’s go.”

“Okay, you can go then” Ali was afraid to see people moving up and down on that ride and screaming” I will be staying with the kids” he decided”(Ali was scared to sit on such types of rides all his life, even avoided boating).

“Oh but we should go together,” Sarah said with disappointment. “but obviously, can’t leave the kids unattended”.

“It’s alright, we will visit again with friends, and then go together, kids would be staying with them”.

Ali said to Sarah because she looked sad (but he decided in his heart never to visit that again as Sarah would take him with her to that dangerous ride).

“Oh, great idea” she looked happy now. So, they moved towards the kid’s area and the little ones had a lot of fun.

“Oh that ride looks amazing”, Sarah looked at the sky drop slide and screamed with joy. “we are going to try this”, she decided herself.

Ali measured the height of that ride with his eyes and shivered, “but I should try this too, it’s just moving up and down, people seem to enjoy that” Ali wanted to be brave in front of his wife and decided to take the risk.

“You go first Sarah, I will take care of kids”

Okay, she headed towards that and settled on her seat. And it started moving up slowly towards the sky. “it’s too slow, waste of time and money” Sarah thought. when they reach the full length, it stopped there for a while. And, she was dropped at once, her heart gone with that too as she was never prepared for that. “Oh my God, am still alive? I shouldn’t have taken the risk, what about my kids? if I had died” she was too scared that it took hard to gather herself. She stepped out and came back to her family looking fully composed now, never wanting to show Ali she was scared to death.

“So, how was that”, Ali asked her with hope, maybe she would stop him from going on that ride.

“Oh, that’s amazing, you will enjoy it” She replied with a mysterious smile on her face (why not him?) Sarah thought.

Ali went to the ride and she hugged her kids tightly as was blessed with a new life by God for them.

After Some time, she saw Ali coming having paled face. ” You tried to put me to death? why did you do that to me, Sarah? you wanted to be called a widow?” Ali looked so annoyed.

“Don’t ever think of coming again here”

Ali warned her and decided to leave that place and Sarah…… Ah! She was thinking she missed a chance to take her favorite roller coaster ride by doing that mistake.

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