That Text Message

Updated on September 4, 2018

Love they say is sweet and falling in love with someone that is truly meant for you could be difficult but not impossible that is why sometimes, we have series of relationships before we finally hit that jackpot and our story is not different from what you already know but the only thing about ours is that you don't know about Jessy.

Jessy and I had known each other for a very long time, we met during one of our church retreats, we performed along side each other and thrilled everyone with our voices as we recreated Celine Dion's 'It's all coming back to me now' then six months afterwards, we were paired again during Pastor Morgan's wedding. I was nine and she was eight. I never saw her again after that wedding but I didn't forget about her then one day, I stumbled upon a name on Facebook Jessy Douglas.

When it's meant to be, it must surely be no matter the situation. We exchanged phone numbers and ended up spending lots of time calling and texting each other. We both had very tight schedule but we arranged to spend the holiday together. The anxiety to finally see her kept boiling in me and I ended up writing and rewriting my short proposal.

I don't want to be brief about it, I had fifteen years emotions to pour out and there was no better way to let them off than to propose to her. Jessy had grown into an elegant confident woman, that kind of woman that watches your back. She is royal and has the smile of gold and I am a good goldsmith and that is what love is all about because you must be compairtable for it to work. She text me that she was boarding.

The flying time was just two hours.

I arrived at the airport quite on time then was informed that the flight from Manchester was delayed and that was the least I expected to hear. My heart raced back and forth while I waited since it was just a minor delay. As I sat on the lounge sipping the glass of apple soda, my mind travelled back to the first time we were together.The church used to organise annual retreat and this brought almost all the members of the church from different parish together.

The retreat was marked with lots of activities apart from the regular prayer, preaching and winning souls. All the parish contested in so many activities which ranged from sports, music, drama; you can call it a talent show. Our Parish presented a drama about little David and I interpreted the character just like the biblical little David then went on to win the heart of the Bishop with my powerful voice but one other kid also won the heart of the audience and it was Jessy.

We were both later paired in the double and we left the audience imagining if we were the original composers of the song we did but one thing that baffled them was that we had just one day to rehearse and ended up bringing the trophy to our Parish for the first time in the history of the church. I remembered what Pastor Eddy said about us when we were paired to perform during Pastor Morgan's wedding. "Both of you will make history together". He said.

The one hour waiting increased my anxiety but also enabled me to figure out exactly how to propose to her.We have talked for months and both knew what we want so I quickly ran to the duty free shop and got a nice ring, I decided to do it right at the airport that day, there was no need of waiting so as soon as the announcement that the plane had landed hit my heart, I knew right from that moment that we will start planning our wedding. I watched as all the passengers from Manchester walked out from the arrival hall but she was not among them, I didn't know what to do because her cell phone was switched off.

One more hour of waiting cleared my curiosity, she didn't come with the plane so where would she be?

I contacted the airline because that was the only way to get a clue and the information given to me confused me more. She was assigned to seat 37C. I didn't know what else to do as tears rolled down my eyes. How can someone board an aeroplane then disappear upon landing? I saw everyone that landed with that aeroplane and none looked liked her. I called my Mum and told her about the situation.

I didn't know what else to do anymore so after three hours of confusion which became the worst three hours of my life, I decided to call it off. I couldn't hold back my tears as I walked to the exit door and all eyes were on me. How can she board the aeroplane but wasn't accounted for? Dose it mean that she picked up her boarding pass but failed to board but she called me that she was boarding? My cell phone beeped as I walked to the parking lot.

It was a text message from her. 'Turn around now' it said. I turned around with utmost confusion and walking towards me was a lady with burns. I looked around but didn't see Jessy then the lady spoke to me and she said; 'Evans darling, it's me Jessy. I got more confused staring at her because that wasn't Jessy, i saw this creature walked out from the arrival hall earlier and she even stared at me. No that can't be I said to myself as we stood staring at each other then she broke the silence.

I didn't want to tell you about the accident when we reconnected" she said, I was involved in a chemical accident at work and got half of my skin burned, Evans, I knelow that you won't like me the way I am so when you requested for my pictures, I sent you Maria's pics but today I came to show you myself and I knew before coming that you won't like me but I want to see you. I am sorry for all I caused you today so do you still love me?

I hadn't been confused in my life but I figured out what to do.

I couldn't believe my eyes but as she spoke, this song title "Perfect" kept echoing in my head as I reflect on that Text Message she sent to me.

Loving someone isn't hard and as far as I know, she needs me now so I fell on my knees and did the right thing because her heart is more important than her skin, her inner beauty is stronger than her outer beauty so Jessy baby, I love you the way you are, you look so beautiful, you are strong and that is more important so let me take care of you now.


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