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Thanksgiving's Roots


Those earliest days of the Thanksgiving time, we should regard once again.

Those special days of the pilgrims who settled, a special message to send.

Their struggles and determination were great, overcame and to transgress,

Made friends with native people there, a time of devotion, as were blessed.


The earliest settlers lived off the land, to relish and its bounties savored,

Much respect was given then to all, no one group never was so favored.

The native tribes were friendly at first, and as the pilgrims acted in kind,

The trade and respect given to each one, was to give all peace of mind.


As time moved own and townships all grew, relations soon were changed,

The early respect so shown by all, to disappear, the conditions rearranged.

Native people were all pushed further westward, tribes in turn, were moved.

The actions of Indian people fueled by anger, a disrespect it so behooved.


A divided people were now upon this soil, weapons wielded by each hand,

The native people were defeated over time, was then that hatred began.

This very day arguments occur, still taken from the tribes, all sacred lands,

Every precept and laws of the country, to be still broken, again and again.


America has come a long way, is past time to make amends to the tribes,

Every person deserves to be shown, they're a part to what all prescribes.

This country is the land of the free, and as well, is the home of the brave,

Now is the time to ask forgiveness, of every Native American, former slave.


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