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Thank God I Didn't Say That!

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Thank God I Didn't Say That

Ifunanya slammed the door to her room and flung herself on the bed. She was so furious she felt like screaming. She considered smashing her phone. She considered going back downstairs to say her mind. She considered crying to her Father. She even considered using a sharp object to injure herself or even smash her fingers between her door and the wall.

She pondered on all these negative options and somehow managed to remember some of the advice that she had gleaned from people speaking on and about emotional intelligence.

Right now, not reacting as her feelings prompted was as difficult to her as lifting ten bags of cement at once. But she decided to not obey her feelings and instead thought of all the things she would say to her offender the next time she crossed her path.

Thoughts such as, " You've lost your daughter", "I will never forget what you've done to me" and "Please, never speak to me unnecessarily again", ran through her mind, even as she drifted to sleep, too angry to eat.

In the following few days, her "offender" did not treat her with the disdain and malice she had expected. In fact, later on, she even got her some of the necessary things she needed without her asking.

Ifunanya began to thank God that she hadn't said the vicious words that had filled her mind that day.

Reading the book of Proverbs has taught me that it is very important for a person to think carefully and thoroughly before speaking and also reacting. It has not been very easy to practice this but I've come to realize that it is much more difficult to face the consequences of speaking wrongly and foolishly.

So when next you "feel like saying your mind", force yourself to pause and think "will I be proud of these words in the future?" It is absolute stupidity to be controlled by your emotions because they are not permanent. You may be angry.. BUT SIN NOT and I assure you that you'll gratefully say in the near future, "Thank God I didn't say that!"

Proverbs 18:6-7~~ "A fool's lips bring strife, and his mouth invites a flogging. A fool's mouth is his ruin, and his lips are a snare to himself."

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