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The Night of the Devil's Moon

I write a wide variety of genres about people, places, things, and animals. Some are factual and fictional articles. This is a true story.

The twins watch as the "Devil's Moon" appears on the horizon

The twins watch as the "Devil's Moon" appears on the horizon

Devil Moon

Have you ever looked at a full moon and got an uneasy feeling from it; a feeling of dread and what the eerie moon might create on that spooky night. You may have wondered if it might produce unearthly, evil creatures as it rises into the sky? In this article, you'll have the chance to see and feel what a "Devil's Moon" can do to alter the things as you know them, and even you.

Is the devil responsible for this moon?

Is the devil responsible for this moon?

Uncle Beck

The night of the "Devil Moon" is at hand. It's the 100th Halloween since the last time it occurred. The phenomena only occurs every 100 years, and tonight will be the night.

As Tim and Lacey Mathis sit in the living room of their home, the Devil Moon is all they talk about, for they've heard stories from their Uncle "Beck" about this ominous moon since they were very young. He talked about how his father, John Mathis had witnessed the Devil Moon 100 years earlier and some of the terrible things that happened on that "All Hallows' Eve." John Mathis was Tim and Lacey's grandfather, who died before they were born.

Through the years, the stories had been riveted into their brains, and the two 16-year-old twins would never forget them; they even dreamed about that night so many years ago, almost like they had been there, but knowing surely they hadn't. They even considered the possibility the dreams had been passed down through the psyche of their minds as they are biologically part of their grandfather's DNA.

The Unknown

The Unknown

The Devil's Moon Appears

The day had been uneventful, and no moon was present above them until just after sundown. When the moon appeared above a treeline behind their house on that night, the sight of it sent chills down the spine of each of the teenagers, and Lacey spoke first, "Look at that red moon; it's the color of blood, and it's huge!"

"Wow," interjected Tim, "and look at how it makes the whole landscape look a nightmarish greenish-yellow!"

"It doesn't feel right!" Lacey said nervously, "It gives me the feeling that the very Earth is undergoing a bizarre transformation of evil."

"Oh, Sis, don't go there; I'm already shaking all over, let's go tell mom."

Blood Moon Appears

Mother is Worshiping the Devil

As Tim and Lacey enter the rear door of their house they both gasp at what they see. The subdivided rooms on the first floor have been opened`up into a huge single room that looks like the inside of an ancient mausoleum. They see their mother there, but is it really their mother? She is kneeling before a hideous reddish-brown creature, who has horns and widespread wings. She looks like she is praying to him.

Both kids immediately turn in fear, hoping the devilish being doesn't see them, and they run out the back door.

"What's happening?" begs Tina; "What has happened to our mother and our house?"

"I don't know", replies Tim, "but the inside of the house is not the only place it's happened!"

They both look around at the landscape and are mortified at what they see. Everything has changed into what appears to be separated dimensions, divided by hallways to each, with no way to "ESCAPE!"

Tim & Lacey's mother is transformed into a witch., and they see her worshiping Satan.

Tim & Lacey's mother is transformed into a witch., and they see her worshiping Satan.

The Land of the Werewolves

Thee two siblings stare at each other, and Tim speaks.

"We must choose one of these hallways, and see if it will lead us out of this wide-awake nightmare."

"Yeah, but which one?" Lacey asks with a quiver in her voice.

"Let's try this one," Tim says as he begins to enter one of the hallways, with Lacey holding his hand.

As they proceed down the hallway, it opens onto another foreboding panorama of grotesque trees, which almost hide the old house that appears to have been interjected into the woods by a ghoulish hand.

"What do we do now?" asks Lacey.

"Let's check out the dilapidated old house and see if we can find something to help us correct what has happened to us."

"Okay, but I'm scared!"

Tim replies simply, "I am too, Sis!"


When the siblings muster enough nerve to go inside the house, they are not surprised by the decor, it is similar to the exterior; it's in shambles.

"It looks like wild beasts tore up this place during fits of extreme anger," Tim says.

"But, what could have really done this?" Lacey asks.

It doesn't take long before her question is answered. A lone female, wearing what looks like a dress from the 1700s, appears at the top of the stairway, and peers down on Tim and Lacey.

"You must leave comes!" says the woman in a solicitous voice, marked with fear.

"What comes?" asks Lacey.

Her question is answered immediately as a huge wolf-like creature that walks on its hind legs, gives out a blood-curling scream, and pounces on the woman. Lacey screams, and the monster quickly looks at her but then continues its dismemberment of the woman.

Tim and Lacey run out the front door and look around.

"Tim says, "Let's try to go back to the point where we came into this place, and maybe we can take the hall back where we started."

The twins run as hard as they can, and even harder when they hear the werewolf-like creature behind them, it is literally tearing through the terrain as it screams and tries to reach the kids.

The kids sigh in relief as they are transported through the hallway back into the central area between the hallways. They can still hear the muffled screams of the creature but it doesn't seem to be able to follow them.

The Next Hallway

After catching their breath and calming down some, they choose another hallway and enter. This hallway opens onto a gothic scene of a town, whose structures appear to be from the late 16 hundreds or early 17 hundreds. A sign on one of the buildings reads, "Salem Blacksmith." There are people milling around the central part of the square, but they seem to be like poltergeists, due to the translucent, whiteness of their skin, and their mumbled speech, which sounds like it's coming from far away.

In the center of the courtyard are a group of men, standing in a circle around a deep hole, filled with water. Several have hold of a wooden lever which is attached to a fulcrum, with the other end below the surface of the water.

To Tim and Lacey's horror, when the men raise the end of the fulcrum lever, which is in the water, they see an old woman sitting in a wooden chair, attached to the lever. She is bound there, and she's screaming.

One of the men, who appears to be the leader, yells out to the woman, "devil, admit you're a witch!"

"Please don't drown me!" she begs. "I am a Witch!" she says in hopes they will stop what they are doing, but with her confession, the leader yells, "drown the witch!"

As the men plunge the old woman below the surface, a haunting laugh rings out from nowhere, and suddenly a group of women, wearing black outfits appear. One woman, who proclaims she is the "Grand High Witch," screams an evil spell onto the men, "Be ye drowned without the need of water, and may thy soul burn in a fire that's hotter!" All the men fall to the ground and appear to try and breath, but then they begin gurgling. As the High Witch causes the drowning woman to come out of the water, the men burst into flames.

"Run!" Lacey yells to her brother, just as the witch points at them and tells her followers to get them. The two rush back into the hallway and reemerge at the center point.

"What are we going to do?" Tim asks his sister.

"We're going to try another doorway, but stay very close to the exit point," Lacey exclaims.

Witch Drowning

Witch Drowning


The twins enter the third hallway and are immediately transported to its exit point. This world is even more terrifying than the others. There are tall buildings here, and they realize they're in a city, but it's a city in ruins, with wrecked cars everywhere, and dead bodies scattered about. As they soak in this scene, they hear a chomping sound and look toward the noise. There in front of them is what appears to be a man kneeling over one of the dead bodies, eating the dismembered leg which has been torn off the body. Lacey's scream causes the being to turn and point to them.

As they look around, the twins see a mob of dead people rushing toward them. It's as if the dead don't even take steps, but are transported through the air, just above the ground. As Lacey and Tim run back into the hallway, one of the un-dead grabs Lacey's arm, and she screams. Tim grabs her and jerks her toward him, causing the creature to lose its grip, and they rush to the center point again.

The Crucifix and the Prayer

As Lacy begins to cry, Tim tries to comfort her, "Sis, we're not giving up yet! Think back onto some of the stories Uncle Beck told us about this night 100 hundred years ago and how some of the people were able to escape this hell!"

Lacey suddenly stops crying and looks at Tim and smiles. "In one of his stories a woman was wearing a crucifix, and when nothing else worked, she grabbed the crucifix and pleaded, "God, please help me!"

"Yes, I remember that story, and Beck was the one who gave us our crucifixes after we pleaded with him to get us some after he told the story. I've got mine!" Tim says as he shows his sister the crucifix.

"And I've got mine!" Lacey says suddenly as she produces hers.

The two siblings place their hands and the crucifixes together, and pray as never before, "God, please help me!"

At first, nothing happens, but as suddenly as everything went abominable, it righted itself, and the twins woke up in their respective bedrooms at home.

Tina jumped out of bed and ran to her brother's room, where he greeted her and they hug.

Mom Doesn't Have a Crucifix

"Let's go tell mom what has happened to us!" Tina says excitedly.

"Let's go," Tim replies anxiously.

When the two rush downstairs they are taken aback. The first floor of their house is just like it was during the night, and they have a visitor. There, beside their mom, who has a demon smile, is the devilish creature that she was worshiping during the night.

"Oh mom, what has happened to you?" Lacey pleads.

Then in a ghoulish voice, her mom says simply, "I didn't have a crucifix!"

Lacey looks at Tim and says quickly, "I think it's time we moved out of Skuna River Bottom!"

"Me too, maybe we could go somewhere normal like "Sleepy Hollow New York."

The End of The End

Well, folks, what are you going to do if a "Devil Moon" appears on Halloween? I'm not sure you can do anything, but make sure you have a crucifix, your wife has a crucifix, your children have a crucifix, your mailman has a crucifix, your grocer has a crucifix, etc, etc, etc..........

Oh, and don't miss the music video below!

Bad Moon Rising by Credence Clearwater Revival

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