Tales of Tancred; The Beginning of a New Age

Updated on May 22, 2017

From the Ashes

"It was the year 99 of the 3rd age that the Tancred Kingdom became world renown.

SaxenMark in the north had become one of the largest trade ports on the Cred Sea and Trevii became a haven for spiritual and artistic peoples, the cultural value in Trevii had made it a place of pilgrimage for those seeking free individualistic spiritualistic experiences. BurganMark became part of the Kingdom as a trade agreement with Burganthum, which established a border at Eyelid lake. This created a connected border between the three Kingdoms; being the Tancred, Burganthum, and Lombardii. The small town was primarily a vacation spot for citizens to escape to and enjoy the brighter side of life.

South of the Fraunki River had prospered also, Fort Riverbridge had grown into a town. For it was the hub in which the North and South portions of Tancred met, everything passed through the Fort. Mayor Furtius ever since being elected, immediately after the Satjon Invasion, had worked diligently with the Riverbridge people to create a secure and orderly place to live. The Dire forest had grown out east crossing into the Lombardii lands, making the hunting fruitful and the skins trade sustainable. Fort Bordertree was completed this year," The storyteller was caught at a table of intellectuals, though they came for banter the scholars were now caught themselves in the magic of the Storytellers words. "This was a monumental achievement for the peoples of Tancred, as it was a symbol of the defeat of the Satjon forces. It was built with the towering tree, known as the Bordertree, incorporated in the architecture. Signs of the Satjons remained in the form of a road, properly called the Satjon Road.

The Capitol flourished, the reconstruction of the city brought much-needed riches and pride as the people built from the rubble. The city had become a place of luxury, awe-inspiring art from all over the Kingdom, along with clean streets and bountiful markets. The Farmlands to the east of the city walls had grown over the scars of battle and being adjacent to the Fraunki river created a perfect condition for crops. The farms stretched to the size of the Capitol itself, providing plenty of food for a growing kingdom. To the south of the city, the Royal fields were created in the name of competitive sporting, mainly jousting, swordplay, and this game called, 'Golf.'

A new development was to the west, the Romatjons had established their Empire their. It spread as far south as the Meered Sea, they were a militarized culture but understood the value of a rich ally. This was key in the drawing of a border between the Romatjon empire and the Tancred Kingdom. Up to that point, the Romatjon forces had walked over everyone to the west of Fraunki and took lands by force. King Jhojan was steadfast and forward thinking in meeting with the Generals after a battle was won across the Fraunki bridge. He rode out of an established military formation at the bridge under a flag of peace. Being quick of tongue, learned in diplomacy, and genuinely honorable about the deal gave him the Romatjon title of Hero King.

Outside the walls of Fraunki


The spell had gotten the scholars to relax, they drank as the Skollanders did during a holiday. They had such a good buzz going they were laughing, slapping one another on the back, and soaking up all the images the Storyteller was painting. "The Kingdom now had an ally on each of its borders, which gave need to exploration. King Jhojan had hired four companies tasked with exploring the Romatjon territories, the unknown south, the Lombardii and Burganthum lands and further east, and to sail the Cred Sea. Y99, the company from the Sea had brought back a map of the islands to the north, including this here land of Skolland. In his uncontrollable excitement, the King named this day a holiday...." Storyteller paused to let that sink in. The whole island was in celebration. "King Burnius wrote 'The Tancred sailors arrived with smiles on their faces, generous amounts of gifts and a positive will to create a prosperous partnership. At the diplomacy table, they offered us to join the kingdom and that King Jhojan willingly gave the explorers the power to begin establishing a settlement at the southern peninsula docks. I had to accept.'

"This is why we celebrate. Romatjon forces had been seen sailing the sea also, a fort had been established on an island to the south of Skolland, the Dal Eburaedia straight, and Hesa Island. This was a primary force in agreeing with Tancred, which as you can see was the right move."


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    • Ian CW Cameron profile image

      Ian Craig William Cameron 12 months ago from Colorado

      It was discovered in Skolland.

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      Philboyd 12 months ago

      Golf originated in Tancred or Skolland?