Tales of TanCred; The Satjon Invasion (Part V)

Updated on May 9, 2017

Meanwhile back at the ....

"With the City lost, King Jovinous prepared the Palace for an inner siege of the Royal castle." The storyteller continued, giving a lead in tone to other happenings during this time in the story. "You see, General Jhojan saw the impending march, but with the size of the army was unable to take immediate action.

Instead, he set his men to creating defenses from the trees of the Dire forest and prepared for an assault. Jhojan had set in motion a plan to draw Satjon forces away from the siege and point it at themselves. This was easily accomplished by the volley of arrows that rained on the tail end of the attacker's lines."

"Tancred!?" called out many of the children.


the storyteller answered acknowledging their presence,

"For the fighting did not only take place on the Capitol grounds. The Satjon General Marcuuis took his division of 2,500 elite troops and broke off the main force to engage the Tancred. Word had been sent to Captain Furtius stationed at Fort Riverbridge. When the rider arrived, it took but moments for the captain to announce those stationed at the fort were to march west. Many were more than willing to move on the Satjon forces to the west.

Governors from the northern territories had sent reinforcements at first word to Fort Riverbridge, it was there that the Captain broke the men into separate companies. Fast moving forces would move west to aid the Tancred, heavy infantry and a division of archers was to stay and maintain the fort.

This was a much-needed boost to the lines of the Tancred, who sat outnumbered two to one.

'General," a soldier burst in through the tent flaps of the WAR tent with a look of urgency which screamed life or death to those observant enough. Jhojan looked up from the map, dissed he turned to the messenger, 'what can you tell me, soldier?'

'Sir, the requested reinforcements for Fort Riverbridge are marching to our aid as we speak.' The soldier spilled the information fast, barely taking the time to breathe between sentences., 'Plus, a contingent of soldiers from the Satjons are closing on our position faster than anticipated, they broke off from the main attack deliberately aiming for this camp." This took the military leaders in the tent a minute to digest, some made gestures of worry, another man wiped his brow from nervous perspiration. General Jhojan, moving slowly but deliberately began to move the pieces on the map, and began detailing the next move for the Tancred."

Battle of Roay fields

"Captain Furtius had his men on the march, collecting a volunteer here and a young swordsman there, all pledging their swords to defend Fraunki. It was inspiring to see the passion in the eyes of these men and of course, the captain accepted them into his service.

Once the Riverbridge company came to the clearing, the feel-good had disappeared as fast as it had come.

The Tancred army had built defensive structures along the southwestern part of the Dire forest but had barely completed them as a massive wave of infantry was closing in on them. In response, the Riverbridge force hugged the tree line and lined up perpendicular to the Tancred. Creating an "L" on the battlefield, it kept the Satjon forces from splitting the two armies.

General Jhojan heard first, but then saw the Riverbridge forces and without the ability to contain it called out, "Captain Furtius, how nice of you to join us on this fine day! Shall we rid our fields of these rabbles of men, thinking themselves an army!? Then as soon as we are done with them, rally to the KING!"

"Ahooo! To the King! Ahooo!" called out the men about both military commanders.

This infuriated the Satjon elite infantry and they charged the Tancred line without warning. Slamming into the not yet steady lines, piercing into the heart of the camp.

A mistake that led to the death of two military strategists.

Jhojan hoped down from his orator's post and drew his double blades and parted the head from a Satjon spearman's shoulders. Following the parting lily pads from pond calm water Jhojan moved into claws poking flies, to quickly dispatch of 3 shaking fearful Satjon swordsmen.

Captain Furtius, unable to respond to his ally, instead commanded a charge on the rear of the Satjon attackers. The cavalry arrived first, ripping off a chunk from the Satjon infantry flank. Soon followed by a ferocious charge from the fresh and eager spears of the Riverbridge men.

This caused a pause in the advance of the Satjons, giving the Tancred the momentum shift needed to push back the Satjon infantry and establish shield walls along the camp defense structures.

'Well, well, well,' bellowed the general, 'Looks as if the Captain and the Riverbridge men have chosen to stick it out with us in this bloodbath! Let's do our part in this battle, men! Archers, prepare for triple volleys. Fire the first round on my command and volley four on my signal!'

'Ahoo!' came the confirmation.

'Infantry,' Jhojan bellowed again, 'get into a twin layer shield walls formation, those standing here' pointing at the spearmen looking at him, 'help those engaged, give them your strength to hold and your blades to keep them at arm's length. And Hold! Most importantly hold, Archers fire first volleys!' This cleansed the frontlines of men, giving the shields time to regather their feet under them. 'When I give it,' General Jhojan continued to call over the battle noise, ' charge them. They look tired to me, let us run them into the ground! Let us entertain our reinforcements and the gods!

FOR HONOR!' His voice rose up to a thunderous boom, joined by his men, 'For our loves! for our FREEDOMS!'

'Raaaaah!' The swords leftover charged the lines with Jhojan who threw a flaming spear into the air signaling the Archers for the fourth volley. This cut a huge swath into the elites, breaking many Satjon soldiers spirits. The travel must have been hard and the fighting was equally as brutal in a shorter time.

The Satjon General retreated to the main camp as soon as the archers cut into his men, the two armies had clapped together spitting out the supposedly Satjon elite forces into a full out retreat. The victory left the Satjons limping, but so also left the Tancred and Riverbridge men in a similar situation. Not to mention the Capitol city had smoke rising from within, the palace standards had been removed from the towers, signaling the royal castle was under a secondary siege. Even with combined strengths, could the Tancred and Riverbridge men retake the city?

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