Tales of TanCred; The Satjon Invasion (Part II)

Updated on May 3, 2017

The Ride back

"At daybreak, the kings camp split in two and joined the TanCred force on the march west. The ride would take only a few days at full gallop, but as there were many of the king's men on foot the march would take at least 4 days without rest, 5 with. Riverbridge had dropped out of sight and General Jhojan rode up to speak with the king. "You majesty," as he caught up to the flank of King Jovinus, 'If I may have a word.'

The King beckoned him forth and leaned down from his massive horse to give his ear. 'You see, as I mull over the current situation. I cannot help but wonder if it would be wise to keep my force within reach of both Riverbridge and the Capitol. I would only need a pair of spears and adjoining archers plus my cavalry.' 'That would leave me with a very little defensive force, I would be able to keep the capital and maybe even keep the walls intact with the infantry you have requested. If I give you the extras of my cavalry along with a contingent of mounted archers, could you manage such a fast moving force?'

'That would leave me with a very little defensive force, I would be able to keep the Capitol and maybe even keep the walls intact with the infantry you have requested. If I give you the extras of my cavalry along with a contingent of mounted archers, could you manage such a fast moving force?' The King gave a lingering look, measuring the reaction of this famed general of TanCred's loyal men. Trained by the Hero of the legend, himself and given leave to train the next generations. It was to be this man was to be the vessel of the greatness of TanCred and it was this man that the hero chose to learn his secrets."

The storyteller took a moment to load his pipe, the sudden stop gave all pause, as the watched him first slowly reach for his pouch. Take out what looked like northern Franukenmark leaf and carefully crush the leaves into a wooden piece in the shape of a bull's horn. It contained a modest bowl, or loading chamber and held a light for hours. It was no wonder the elderly man took his time to load the master crafted piece. Many took this chance to get more ale, a few snuck out into the night. More than likely having other business to attend to. Many of the children lay sleeping where they were listening to the stories, parents more than happy at their still silence and within view. "ahh," The storyteller exhaled, feeling all the better. Shall I continue?" He looked to the King, who nodded.

"King Jovinous and General Jhojan agreed to give the TanCred additional cavalry and a pair of mounted archer divisions. It took the King's men all but the entirety of 5 days to reach the Captol. To which there were no reports of Satjons anywhere near Fraunkenmark lands. Scouts had been sent all week, returning with any sight or sound of enemy forces. Therefore the king rested well that evening, entering his bed chambers in the early evening upon his return.

The TanCred, fresh off of acquiring the additional horsemen, camped by the western edge of the Dire forest and north of the Eastior forests. Jhojan spent most of his evening pouring over maps, trying to figure out what the Satjons were up to and where their forces disappeared to. He camped on the western edge of the Dire forest in an attempt to cut off any tree covered assaults during the night. It wasn't until the dawn of the sixth day that a messenger woke the General from his chair with news of the Satjons and their strategies became clear.

Awakened to the Sound of Thunder

The Tavern storyteller swooshed his cloak and mashed his heel on the tavern floor. In addition to the loud sleep breaking noises, he was caught tossing a pair of red accent bombs onto the side warming fires and a bloody yellow smoke bomb on the main hearth. "King Jovinous woke up to the sound of shouting and loud crashing bangs, large boulders smashing against stone walls, and the clincher was an explosion that shook the castle palace.

Throwing the luxurious blankets off himself and exposing 4 naked women, he ran to the window to see the Satjons attacked. Completely disregarding the alliance forged during the months before, the siege was absolute, the number of men surrounding the city was in the tens of thousands." He spoke excitedly and caught everyone back into the tale. "The King swept out of his chamber, was dressed quickly, and he along with his personal guard sought the city guard commanders.

As he left the Palace security, the king saw the fiery inferno that was attempting to engulf the city. A large boulder rolled across his path, giving him pause as the large rock rolled by, flames clinging to the pockets of flammable liquids. He and his men hastily moved to the command tower, closer to the front gates and only access point. Peering at the gates, King Jovinous was relieved to see them not just intact, but undamaged by the assault. Hundreds of enemy infantry squished upon its solid gate stone. A large flaming container smashed down on a building to the companies left, bursting into a cluster bomb waterfall of flame and sticky flammable liquids. King's guard men were burnt alive, unable to free themselves from the flames aided by the substance.

The King and a few men luckily made it to the fortress and found the commanders attentive and formulating. City maps, wall maps were spread out over vast table spaces and figures were placed. The commander seemed confident in his projections, it seemed with a quick glance at the placement of the battle lines. 'Commander,' the King said loudly bringing those at present to attention."


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