Tales of TanCred; The Satjon Invasion (Part IV)

Updated on May 2, 2017

Generals Saulis and Halduris

Nothing Quiet about the Western Front

"The King turned to address the king's guard paladins, but before he could address them, a voice from the gatehouse caught Jovinous' attention. 'Sir, commanders can confirm gradual removal immediately. Lines are holding firm, with minimal casualties. Archers are well stocked and most attackers look starved and lackluster in attacking our lines.'

A victory was almost secured on the eastern gate, when the gates burst open and in spilled over a hundred militiamen. In quick response, the king slammed his helm on and charged the incomers. The paladin guard joined him in the slaughter of the exhausted rams men. One charge sent them scrambling back outside the walls. 'Call man, inform the commander to leave a small guard to keep this gate supervised.'

'Sir,' the call man bowed confirmation and ran to get the commanders. Turning his massive warhorse Thor, the King gathered his men and galloped to the western gates. Not sure what they will find once they got there."

An intense hush fell over the tavern crowd, even the barkeep was still except for his hands. They proceeded to polish a glass without thought. There was no need for tricks, the people were loving this story.

"As the Paladins passed the Royal Palace, a contingent of mounted archers rode out the gates and across the moats bridge to join them in the battle for the western bridge. A welcome addition to the ranks as the number of Satjons could well be in the thousands. 'Welcome!' called out Jovinous in momentary glee.

For the sight at the gate caused Jovinous to reign in Thor aggressively and watch in shock, as thousands of infantry began to spill into the city from the open gate. Satjon infantry lined the western gatehouse, surely they were the ones to open the gates letting the Satjon army inside the wall. The ladders could be seen from the Kings vantage point, 'Archers, take as many of these filthy men's lives as you can! Paladins, form wings formation leaving room for the volley.'

The horses moved swiftly, moving before the enemy knew of their presence. The Satjons massed together in the western square, squished up against one another afraid to venture too far into the city on one side. The other a river of infantrymen clamoring to get inside the city walls.

When the first volley of arrows hit, two men standing side by side were commonly pierced by the same arrow. A two for one turn for the defenders. The screams called the Satjon generals attention to the angle of the arrows and eventually to the position of the King's mounted archers. Another volley caught many soldiers the same as the first, chipping away at the massing force overflowing into the square.

Jovinous, watching the carnage, caught sight of the Generals Saulis and Halduris, holding just inside the gate under the cover of the gatehouse tower shouting out orders and pointing towards his position. 'Archers, volley until they charge.' the King ordered.

The Satjons began to form lines after the third volley caused a panic in one of their divisions. Shields were quickly dispatched, lining up in the front, putting up a guard. Satjon cavalry could be seen moving up the northern paths, attempting to reach the Palace. 'Fall back!' Called out King Jovinous, in response ' To the Keep! NOW, with haste!'

Another volley landed, but with a lesser effect than the first few. The paladins galloped forward to the front with the King, leaving the mounted archers in the rear. Lending the chance to fire another volley at a stand still and then another while on the run. A messenger screeched to a halt some distance ahead of the charging cavalry, a quick look of fright on his face, and then caught pace with the king, 'The eastern gate is secured with a small guard put in place, the rest of the defenders have barricaded themselves in the palace.'

'We are to join them,' The King informed him while riding into the confines of the Royal castle walls. 'In addition, take as many horses as you need, but fetch those men off the eastern wall. They'll be sitting ducks out there, quickly. Take what you need.' He turned away from the messenger and his captain to address the city commanders.

'We have roughly 2,000 pissed off Satjon infantry and 300 cavalry marching on our position as we speak from the western gatehouse. We need archers on the walls immediately, get the ballista ready. This is our final holding, we've lost the city.'

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