Tales of General TanCred; The Satjon Invasion (Part I)

Updated on May 3, 2017
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Ian is a young writer from the mountains of Colorado, He has been writing since he was a toddler and his passion has not since faded at 30.

Fort Riverbridge

First Word

The crowds dispersed for a while, leaving the older man a chance to rest his bones. The storyteller remained in good spirits, ordering another ale and laughing with the king. Upon returning to his chair amongst the common folk a voice came out from one of the long tables. "Hey, Storyman!" cried a burly gentleman with two ladies upon his pair of legs. "Tell the stories of the Satjon invasion if you can, the Tancred forces were incredible during that time."

With a whoosh of his cape, the storyteller turned on the man and with a smile, dropped a pair of yellow smokes onto the main fire. "You see," the old man began, smoke giving the hall a summers day feeling, "it wasn't until the 78th year of the 3rd Age, that the eastern horde of Satjons came out of the eastern forests and spilled out onto the road to Riverbridge. The fort stationed there held over 5,000 men, with over 3,000 archers and any army stupid enough to attack a fort stocked with such is asking for death. In any case, the news was carried to the Capitol and it was an immediate call to arms by King Jholjito. He moved battalions from the northern forts, including that of the Tancred and from the Capitol city itself, but in his wisdom, he sent forth diplomats hoping they were able to work some magic at the negotiation table.

It took only weeks, but the Satjons moved south into Alnior, a shaky ally of the Fraunki Kingdom. This came as a great surprise to King Jholjito while riding east from the Capitol. 'You mean to say,' began the King after hearing the news from the messenger sent from Riverbridge, 'that our impress movements of force have scared the Satjons away? Serves them right to fear us after turning down our offer of peace and trading rights. Oh, how different this all could have turned out. If only that had joined the pact and got over the idea of our forces marching and building forts on the frontier, the Hunnic hordes wouldn't have uprooted them and countless millions of people. What a disaster." The king spilled his heart to the people near and all the while sharing the news with his men. "

The storyteller took a moment, drank from his tankard, and continued. "This was all too easy thought the Tancred and rode through the night to meet up with his majesty's forces. It was in the crisp early dawn that the Tancred reached the fort of Riverbridge and informed the king of their suspicion for the Capitol's safety. 'If I were invading us from the east, I wouldn't want anything to do with Riverbridge or our northern territories. There is no room to expand and setting up a new home whilst surrounded by enemies on all fronts, well it's suicide.' stated General Jhojan, leader of the Tancred and holder of the truths. 'I would make it appear as if I were besieging the fort here," referencing the map at the point where the fort, bridge, and riverways cross paths, " and I would move most and then eventually all my forces around the forest here and take the Capitol. In anticipation that we would counter with all of our might if taken. The capital is a perfect staging point for expansion and leaves us, their enemy almost crippled.' He finished, bowing his head and leaving after saying his piece.

As you all well know, it is everyone's right to say their piece and step out of the war circle, but it is the King whom has the last say and leaves the circle last." Refreshing the memories of all their at the tavern hall, the Storyteller stared at the children but all seemed to know this. He smiled and continued,

"Many at the council agreed and stepped out with the general. In the end, the King spoke only a few words to General Jhojan and said aloud, 'Paladins, Tancred, and Divisions one of both Archers and Royal Infantry! We move to the Capitol on the hour!' Messengers moved out and camp broke on the hour as commanded, which was crucial because the Satjons did exactly that of what General Jhojan had suspected. Thousands of armed men descended on the Capitol, with only a single archer division holding it. It became a race to the Capitol city of Fraunki.


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