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Tales From the Universe Tree: Wolves of Ice and Fire. Part Seven: A King's Right.

My first piece of fiction posted to this site. Constructive feedback is always welcomed.


Not Worked A Day In His Life.

(Continued from Part Six)

The feast continued for an hour, and Risa was glad to see it end. Eric didn’t stay quiet long enough for her to breath. He rambled on about his homeland in excruciating detail, praising the plentiful harvests, the grandeur of the cities and their equally grand nights. He stayed on that for a long time, saying how lovely the parties were and how wonderful the guests were, the generosity of the noblemen, and the ladies and the food. Risa eventually stopped listening, disgusted. The man had not worked a day in his thrice-damned pampered life. Elysium, if all of Dega was as foppish as this man, then by rights they should be invading them.

Let Her Look.

“The Tree Shade me,” Risa exclaimed sourly when she and the Queen were back in their private quarters. The Shogun tore off her short sword and propped it against the wall near the bed and then ripped off her kimono and tossed it onto the bed, her breasts poking out of her shift. Shenal lounged on the bed, her dress discarded for a flowing nightgown that clung molding her body like a second skin. Risa shivered. She could feel The Queen’s eyes crawling up and down her body like silken hands. Risa’s cheeks heated despite her frustrations, and suddenly she could feel every one of the scars that marred her body. The gifts of war and drunken anger.

Her arms twitched with the sudden urge to cover herself. No! She swallowed. She loves me, all of me. Let her look, I’m not ashamed. The Queen’s eyes fell on the mound of coarse blue hair in-between her legs. Risa never wore anything down there, she found it uncomfortable. She plopped down onto the bed and growled, crossing her arms underneath her breasts. “The nerve of Bongal, inviting that…that…worm of a man to our table! What was he thinking?!”

We Are Both Wolves.

Risa heard Shenal rustle along the bed before she felt her Queen’s touch. Her full breasts pressed against the Shogun’s back. “Forget him, fire of my heart.” One hand cupped Risa’s breasts while the other slid down to the mound of hair between her legs, twirling it playfully in her fingers, Risa shuddered at the contact, sighing. “He is a Hare. A lame broken Hare awaiting the jaws of the wolf.” She kissed the other’s woman’s neck.

“Don’t call me tha—ahh...” Risa bit back the moan that crawled up her throat. The Queen’s finger’s circled the lips of her wet woman’s parts lazily. Risa shivered, her lust turning her belly to fire. She clasped Shenal's leg.

“But you are a wolf,” Shenal’s voice was a low, raspy whisper. The Shogun turned her head and locked the Queen’s lips into a passionate kiss, running her hand into her lover’s fiery red hair. “Eric was right about that…we are both wolves, you and I.” the Queen whispered in between kisses. “Wolves of Ice and Fire.” she kissed her again. “I lov—”

Get Out Of My Way.

The screams from beyond the door jolted both women back to reality. Risa disengaged The Queen’s grasp and shot up, grabbing her short sword and yanked it free from the scabbard. She knew those kinds scream. Risa opened her mouth to tell Shenal to run when the door burst open with a shuddered and crack…and Bongal stood in the door, his scimitar in his fist and dripping with blood. His face was hard, colder than winter.

Shenal bounded from the bed and shoved past Risa toward her husband, her face a mask of boiling fury, “What is the meaning of this, Bongal!?” she roared. She was fearless, a she-wolf. Then she stopped halfway, her eyes widened when they fell on the bloody blade “Bongal, what have you done!? What happened to the guards?!”

“Shenal get away from him!”

Shenal didn’t hear the Shogun. Her eyes were locked on Bongal as if she could beat him into submission with her gaze alone. But the First Sword just took a step forward and grabbed the Queen by the shoulder, “Get out of my way, whore!” He shoved her to the ground and then charged at Risa, swinging wildly. Risa swatted the scimitar away, spun to the right and attacked, slashing at his sword arm. Bongal parried, shoved Risa away and swung his sword in a wide arc like a great sword. Risa ducked, rolled to the right and barely caught his next blow, steel and sparks rang out. Veins bulged in his neck and bald head. There was no finesse to Bongal’s attacks, no skill or thought of strategy, only primal hatred. Distantly, Risa heard Shenal shouting out the door for the guards. Risa glanced at his scimitar and grimaced, and gripped her sword hilt till her knuckles turned white. But where were the others? He couldn’t have gotten them all!

She Is Mine!

“She is mine!” Bongal snarled, his mustaches quivering like snakes. He pressed in, pouring all of his strength into his scimitar. Risa leapt to the side. “She was always mine! You stole her from me! You ruined her! Corrupted her! You turned her against me! You-gah!!” Risa ducked and swept her leg over Bongal’s legs and spun, knocking him off balance. He faltered, but only for a moment, he had good balance for a man. But it was long enough for Risa to roll out from under the man’s Scimitar. Bongal ran after her, roaring like a walrus, and chopped for Risa’s head. The Shogun parried, sidestepped and then winced when she hit something with a hard thump. She glanced at what she’d hit and cursed under her breath. In the heat of battle, she had forgotten about the bed. She whirled out of the way as Bongal slammed his scimitar down into the middle of the bed. Feathers and bits of cloth flew up into the air. She was so close now that she could feel the rage blazing in the First Swords eyes. He was too close. She couldn’t hope to dodge another strike in time. She tried to bring her short sword up in a desperate parry…and then suddenly Bongal stumbled and the tip of his sword drove into the floor an inch from Risa’s foot. Risa hopped out of the way. Sweat covered her, and her breath came in desperate gulps. Bongal was flailing his arms wildly as Shenal clung to his back, clawing at her husband’s bald head like a crazed cat. The Queen’s face was a storm.

“Let me go!” the First Sword growled. He struggled helplessly against the enraged Queen’s grip. But Shenal held on fast. Risa jumped to her feet and dashed toward them. Bongal roared and jerked his arms upward, throwing Shenal off him. The Queen fell back but regained her footing quickly and lunged at him again. Bongal began to turn, raising his Scimitar, but Risa was there in flash and slammed her fist into his nose with a sickening ‘crunch.’ He stumbled, clutching his nose with his free hand; blood spurted everywhere, soaking into his mustaches like red mud.

“What are you doing, Shenal!?” Risa shrieked. “Run!! Go get—“ The room spun, and pain blossomed on her cheeks. Risa fell to the ground in a heap. Her vision blurred around the edges. Stupid! Stupid! Idiot woman! Why did I let my guard down?! I could have been killed! She shook her head furiously and blinked. She tried to shove herself to feet, but dizziness hammered at her and she fell back down with a thud. Get up, woman! She tried to move again, fighting past the dizziness. Her arms and legs buckled. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get U— Abruptly Bongal’s shadow fell across her, his Scimitar raised over his head. Risa cursed and then she rolled back, her instincts blaring away the dizziness. Bongal’s scimitar struck the ground ‘klang!’ Bongal’s voice boomed after her and then in the next second, Shenal crashed into him, clawing desperately at his eyes! The two banged into the wall like a falling tree.

I Wanted To Save You.

Shaking, Risa pushed herself up to her knees. Her chest heaving, sucking down air as if she inhaled mud. She shook her head again, her dizziness was gone as if it had never been. She blinked again. The blurriness was leaving her. No time to worry about that! She whirled her head to the door, “Guards!” She shouted at the top of her voice. “Guards, to me! The Queen is in danger! To me!!!” nothing. By the Tree, where were they? Someone would have had seen—A sharp yelp wrenched her head back around and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. Shenal faltered, hugging her chest. Her nightgown had been sliced open from throat to navel was soaked with red. The Queen fell to her knees in a heap. Her eyes were locked on Bongal, burning with defiance. Bongal trembled, his face a twisted mash of shock and anger.

“Why,” his voice quivered as if holding back his own damnation. “Why did you get in my way?! I wanted to hurt her, not you! Never you! I love you! I wanted to save you! Why won’t you let me!? Why?! Wh—”

She Isn't.

Risa’s rage exploded. “You’re DEAD!!!” The Blue-Wolf charged, her steel fang was bared. Bongal spun and tried to bring his Scimitar to bare but Risa fell on him faster than lighting. Bongal swatted the first attack away clumsily. Risa followed up with a thrust to his face, but he leaned sideways and wince when her short sword grazed his cheek. Around the room, they fought. Sparks flew as the air undulated with the sound of steel on steel. But Risa didn’t let up. She attacked, again and again, snarling like a wolf. After a moment, his strength seemed to return to him. Bongal landed a shallow hit on the Shogun’s shoulder arm, Risa shoved his Scimitar away, blood welling up on the cut but she ignored it. She attacked, slicing her short sword in tight arch for his chest. Bongal blocked and knocked her back. Then he lunged, blood pulsing from hundreds of cuts on his bald head. His Scimitar up was over his head.

“She is MIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!” He brought the Scimitar down with all of his strength. But Risa spun out of the way just as the blade struck the ground like a hammer on steel. Bongal tried to lift his Scimitar for another strike but it was far too late for that. She swung her short sword and brought it down with inhuman speed on his sword arm, biting into his flesh and through the bone. Blood splashed across Risa’s face like liquid fire. Bongal shrieks of agony resounded off the wall as his arm dropped to the ground, his blood staining the cold stone. Risa watched him squirm, breathing heavy. Bongal huddled against the floor, clutching the stump of his elbow. “She…is…mine,” a glob of blood flew from his mouth, his voice was hoarse. His eyes fluttered and then closed. “…mine.” He fell silent.

Risa spat, "No. She isn't."

(Continued in Part Eight)

© 2017 Will English

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