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The Intruder

Lolu is a Civil Engineer with a flair and passion for writing.


She desperately tried to clutch the blind but she missed and came crashing down on the hard marble floor. Her ear rang and she heard the echo that reverberated from within the canal, as she wondered if she would see the sun rise in the morning. The face could not be made out, the eyes peered from behind a black mask and the lighting was dim, yet she could not stop thinking that the frame was familiar. How did he get in? She was sure all the doors and windows were locked. Wait the dog. What happened to the dog? Why did it not bark or attack, and why, but her thought was cut short as a firm hand grabbed her left leg and pulled, pulled very sharply. She trashed trying to free herself but it’s in vain and then a blow hits her mid- section and she writhes in pain, making to curl up, but she’s not given the luxury.

She felt the floor fall away from beneath her as she is carried across the lounge in to the bedroom and then the bed came up and embraced her, hard. Eyes blood shut, she observed the syringe as the assailant came for her and then bang, as the shots rang out. He tumbled upon her, his fragrance hits her nostrils and then she knew she was right. They were not alone, but who was it?

As usual, he had followed her, the object of his infatuation, always careful not to give himself away, round the back where he usually parked and could observe her through the half drawn blinds. He had waited for her to get inside and go through her routine but had observed a figure hurriedly fade from view; he sat up from his inclination. Perhaps a lover, he thought and emotions began to well up inside him, but why hide. He sat and observed, following her routine, but tonight it seemed to have changed and then she disappeared from view. He got out of the car and went silently towards the house, putting his badge in his pocket.

She could not push the man from off her, then he came into view and she did not know who to be scared of more, the dead man on top of her or the man, the unknown man standing there, holding a gun. He reached out and slowly rolled the man off her and life gradually began to seep back into her. She tried to get up but lay back and clutched her belly. He gave her a hand and helps her up as she looks him in the face and asked ‘who are you’. Before he could answer, she turns and slowly pulls off his mask, damn, and the lights go out as she slumps, save from hitting the floor, by his quick response.

© 2018 omololu dare