One Day at a Time

Updated on September 27, 2017
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Israel is a fan of many types of music and loves to write, not in any particular order and does them usually at the same time.

One day at a time,

One foot in front of the other,

I must be patient with myself,

Things will work out,

I keep my head up to the sky,

Negativity must not creep in,

I must do this,

One day at a time,

One day at a time,

I inhale then I exhale,

Breath by breath,

Steadfast I must be,

For the future can be uncertain,

Inside myself I must look,

I harden my resolve,

One day at a time,

One day at a time,

Control what I can,

Accept what I cannot,

See with clear eyes,

I take another step forward,

I will stumble, even fall,

I will pick myself up,

One day at a time...

© 2017 Israel Mercado


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    • IsraelMercado profile image

      Israel Mercado 5 months ago

      You're Welcome Dora.

      Gypsy, you are definitely right!

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 months ago from Riga, Latvia

      Beat we can do take each day as it comes.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 5 months ago from The Caribbean

      Great motivational message good for today and any day. Thank you!