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Taking Responsibility for It All: A Poem

Updated on August 9, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living and a devoted practitioner of many techniques that enhance personal evolution.

In the mini-library of my mind

on top of a very loaded shelf

there is a label not very kind:

"Why Do You do It to Yourself?"

Every single book below it

honoring the mocking label

exposing ego just to blow it

and to make emotions stable.

All life is just a state of mind

each being of our own make

so whatever goodness we can't find

is but solely our own mistake.

We are the only cause and source

and measure of whatever appears real

with no pose of pride or remorse

to either explain it or to conceal.

Why do we torment ourselves so much

as no one else produces our feelings

our minds being far beyond anybody's touch

in all interactions and all our dealings.


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