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Updated on December 11, 2017
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After graduating from F.M. university, doing masters in BioTechnology in Ravenshaw University...

A love that leads to your improvement, that leads you in forward direction, that creates self-confidence in you , that encourages you in every moment and that never let you down, is worth celebrating.

And so I celebrate our love..... your love.

Though you had no time even for yourself, you managed it for me,

Though you were busy with your job,both outside and inside, you made sure not to let me feel alone,

Though you take the talk of society very serious, you never forgot to respect my views from the bottom of your heart with that much seriousness...

You had no one with you to understand your situation, your feelings, your desire, but you always understood what I was about,

You had no well-wisher, no mentor in your life, who could support you, but you always tried not to create a "second you" ,

You lost your youth, your beauty, your peace, your very personal life, but you never ever let me feel lost.....

Above all loving me unconditionally with all your heart and mind, makes me feel what should I expect more from life? What should I worry for not having with? What should I complain to God???

My wrong decisions never took you away from me, rather it helped us come closer with a nectary bond between us...

You dab on my head, I feel blessed.

You smile at me, I feel glorious.

You hold my hand, I feel myself complete.

I feel dispraised, broken, sophisticated, you come up with your soothing words, healing smile, gladsome touch and magical voice...

Your cool personality makes me speechless sometimes and makes me think "AM I YOUR DAUGHTER?"- so reckless, so peevish and many more negativities.

I feel proud inside saying you are MY MOTHER, a sacred heart, the nearest & dearest person of my life, my friend-philospher-guide and my first & forever love ...

And I ..... I am a gloomy daughter of a gleaming mother....


It would always be less what I say for you because you are much more than my imagination and your sacrifice, love, glory are just beyond my words.... I can only offer my soulful esteem to your Divinity in the temple of my heart...


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    • ramyasinghbal profile image

      Ramyasingh Bal 4 months ago from INDIA

      Samaste cmt deichanti mu bhi bhabili cmt dei debi...mu Original follower......BDW....mast written

    • profile image

      Liptikanta Bhoi 4 months ago

      Such a great love for mum.

    • profile image

      Smrutisudha mallick 4 months ago

      A soul awakening and very heart touching lines...pallvee.plz continue ur literally activity...

    • profile image

      Akash 4 months ago

      Thoughts tangled but emotions flown in a beautiful path, nice way to express....Keep it up Ani..

    • profile image

      Deepak 4 months ago

      Nice ....yar.....keep it up......

    • profile image

      Tapaswinee 4 months ago

      Pallu... Just love u.. The way u expressed ur love..nd the way u represented it.. I salute u my angel

    • profile image

      Biswadeep 4 months ago

      Well done pallavee, continue as much as possible

    • profile image

      Rakesh singha 4 months ago

      It is a soo nice...keep going....

    • Pallavee Das profile image

      Pallavee Das 4 months ago from Jaleswar, Balasore, Odisha

      Thank you all ...all your comments will make me improve my writings...

    • profile image

      Dibya 4 months ago

      U nailed it. I am dumbstruck...

    • profile image

      Rajashree 4 months ago

      Stupendo-fantabulosly fantastic :-*

    • profile image

      pragya mohanty 4 months ago

      Wowww pallu...U nailed it...Keep it up...

    • profile image

      Sanjib 4 months ago

      This was very inspiring it gives me hope that I can do it, I've done it before I can do it again. Thanks for the message it's greatly appreciated. Everyone keep SPARKING!!!!!! :):):)

    • profile image

      Dillip Sethi 4 months ago

      Keep it up pallu

    • profile image

      Meghali Pati 4 months ago

      Wow!!! Very well written Pallavi. U penned ur thoughts & feelings so articulately. Lovely

    • profile image

      Swagat Patra 4 months ago

      I believe love is a very Sacred thing.. And it should always be unconditional.. You narrated it very well.. Perfect.

    • profile image

      Rajeev Sahoo 4 months ago

      Excellent piece of writting di!!

      I loved it!

      Really mothers are great..her lap is like the whole world....where we can get endless love, care, joy, happiness as well as blessings!

      Your content touched my heart and soul as well. M proud of u my di!

    • profile image

      su_san 4 months ago

      Waoohh...dear,keep it up

    • profile image

      Baris 4 months ago

      Yeah. .. this is the defined love.. all the best dear.