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The Freedom

Shehroz Khan is a doctor by profession. Confident, passionate, motivated, creative Blog and Content Writer.

Once upon a time a lean wolf was walking by a street. The wolf was very hungry since the past 3 days and despite many efforts could not find anything to eat. As the wolf kept on walking in hunger, he saw fat happy dog. The dog seemed to be very satisfied with his life. He was happily strolling down the street.

The wolf wondered how lucky this dog must be as he gets to eat scrumptious and fine food. He does not have to wander around the streets in search of food. The wolf was curious how the dog manages to find food and live a happy healthy life. In a state depression with rumbling stomach, the wolf walks up to the dog. The dog, after looking at the condition of the wolf, said "hey! you seem quite lean and hungry. What's the matter?" The dog sighed and replied "Don't ask bro, anyways you tell how is your life going? You seem quite happy, healthy and fat. It seems like you get to eat most delicious, mouth watering and different type of rich food. Am I right?" The dog replied, "I guard my owner's house and that is the reason why he offers me good food. If you want I can also help you. My owner will also keep you as his pet to guard his house. This is how you will get delicious food and a nice place to live. You will not have to roam around the streets in search of leftover rotten food." The wolf thought that this dog is right. After all what does the dog has to do anyway? Just sit in the lawn or move around the house and gets food for doing nothing. The eyes of the wolf became greedy. He could feel the taste and aroma of good quality food. The wolf happily agreed and accepted the dog's offer.

While both the dog and the wolf were walking on the street heading towards the house of dog's owner, the wolf noticed a strange circular mark around the dog's neck. The wolf asked the dog about the mark. The dog replied "This is due to the strap that my owner puts around my neck and keeps me tied up whole day with a chain. But he is kind enough to let me free at night so that I can protect his house." The wolf stopped walking and started thinking. The dog asked the wolf "Why did you stop? The house is only a few steps away now. Don't you want to come?" The wolf denied "No, I do not want to spend the rest of life being chained up. I will prefer hunger and freedom than to be well fed and imprisoned."

The moral of the story, all glitters is not gold. Freedom is better than slavery.

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