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Supernatural Stories of the Dark

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The man of the mysterious house

On a certain occasion more than fifteen years ago, a mysterious and strange man did live near my house.

His house was small and made of wood. In his open patio he had planted red daisies, which reproduced quickly. It was really the only beautiful thing that adorned his home , because was gloomy, and silent house.

On some occasion he wanted to be sociable and he visited my house to talk in a friendly way with my husband. Worth noting
that the guy was supposedly deaf mute. But he spoke very normally. Did not seem to have that condition.

Apparently, as I learned, he had received classes from a very young age, , so that his condition was hardly noticeable. One day he did shows up at my house.I Did not leave him enter, because my children were in school, and I was alone.

The neighbor man began to talk explicitly about sex, using vulgar words, assuming a very strange attitude. And not only that was enough, but he began to speak ill of my husband, saying that he would introduce me to his cousin man, so that we could both get to know each other.

He repeated to me several times that I was very pretty and intellectual, that I shouldn't be with my husband. To everything that happened, I stayed silent, just looking at him with disgust. Because that's what I felt for this guy. After this, I never greeted him again, let alone looked at him. I told my husband everything. He paid no attention to it, but neither he nor I ever again allowed him to visit our home.

After about three days. Something strange happened. As in my country it is very hot in summer, during the nights. I had put a small bed, to sleep with my fan, because at that time, I still did not have air conditioning.

For several nights in a row, I felt that someone was on top of me,
while I slept. He clearly I felt the weight.

I told it to my mother, who was a woman from the interior of the province, a believer and with paranormal experiences, typical of those regions where these phenomena abound.

My mother told me that she was surely some man witch, in love with me. Immediately I remembered the mysterious man of the wooden house. And I made the decision to go back to sleep accompanied by my husband. From that moment on, he never bothered me again. Some time later, the mysterious man left his home forever, taking his mysteries with him.


My heritage: being a witch.

My two great-grandmothers on my mother's side were witches, they had magical powers. My mother's maternal grandmother had taken the form of the animal she desired. One day she turns into a deer and a hunter shoots her, wounding her. Instantly, she reverts to her human form and collapses in agony.

They would be the last moments of her carnal life. In bed she could not die, only the lower part of her was inert, so she asked for a sip of water from the nearest river, assuring that this water would make her leave her wounded body and rest in peace. As she assured him, so it happened.

My other great-grandmother, that is, my mother's paternal grandmother, at an advanced age, could travel great distances, perplexing her family and friends. My great-grandmother was found, having entered a very high mountain.

A normal person would never have been able to climb, much less a person of such advanced age. However, she was on the cusp when they found her. She also assured that she had traveled to remote China and as proof of this, she brought in her hands a plant that does not exist in the American continent.

These mysteries unraveled by my mother made me think that I am probably a witch too. The experiences that I have had and have and all the other experiences lead me to deduce that I am too. But I don't want to be.

Perhaps since I was little I already knew it, but at that moment everything seemed natural to me. Astral traveling and leaving my body was the most natural thing in the world for me. But when I became aware, I voluntarily stopped experiencing in that spiritual world, I left it out of fear, and I refused and refuse to leave my body.

That world is palpable, things are perceived in physical form, it is felt that everything is material. It is an alternative reality, where other beings cohabit, including, the ghosts.

From the thousands of experiences I have had, I remember that on one occasion I woke up in the middle of the night, the same as my brother: he and I saw a group of women dressed in black with pointed hats, chatting pleasantly. (The women were of all ages, from children to adults.) As popular belief states, witches dress like this. I think it's because they've seen them too.


A little girl's pact

Fear is a child, compared to the terror I experience every time those ghostly beings from the ultradimensional world appear before me. Right now I'm feeling that fear; It is a small feeling of anguish at first, then it spreads, invading my mind, scrutinizing the most recondite thoughts of my consciousness and unconsciousness. Below I break down the terrifying anecdotes of my wanderings in this world.

It all happened when I was a child, at the age of eight, I heard that offering the soul to God's rival was an effective means of achieving success and money. I don't know what motivated me at such a young age to think that way, maybe it was those characters whose names start with D who told me about it or the paranormal environment in which I was born.

I was an outstanding student and in terms of the economic stability of my home, my father provided everything necessary and more, as a result of his work, that he was worthy and hierarchical. I always saw a lot of money in his hands, maybe that's why greed awoke in me, the sick desire to have a lot of money.

I decided one night to talk to this nefarious and dark character. I asked him with my girlish words to give me money through the lottery. In my innocence, I did not see the variables of this deal, where I offered him my soul in exchange for money, nor did I realize the low morals involved in it, and the complexities that would affect my life, years later.

The discernment of good and evil clouded my thoughts, I just wished I had randomly won money. The consequences of that pact had a negative impact on the success that God had in store for me.

I negatively affected my future because as a result of this deal my life would no longer be the same. This evil being would influence everything related to monetary success. It skewed all hope, all glitter of financial success in my life.

One morning, while watching television in the living room with my parents, my mother asked me for a small favor; she asked me to bring her a glass of water. I responded rudely and my dad reprimanded me, sending me to my room. I obeyed angrily, a current of anger stirred within me, I felt my eyes burn with flames.

Meditative and still angry, I fixed my gaze on an object for many minutes, I perceived that it was beginning to leave my body, and I wanted to achieve it, I wanted it very much. Immediately a resounding slap made me react.

I immediately looked both ways, looking for the supposed person who had given me that slap. There was no one there, I myself had closed the door with his latch. This strange event among many others will always remain in my memory as an inscrutable enigma of my strange childhood years. Who had slapped me? It is a question that still has no answer today.

Something that I could never complain about, neither in the past nor in the present, is the shelter in the infinite and holy security where the great hand of God and of Jesus has always been and always will be; (according to my current faith) About my loved ones and about me.

© 2022 Venus Mary

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