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Sunsets and You


Watching the sunset from here is one of my favourite part of the day. Nature never fails to amaze me with its colour palette.

My journey so far has been beautiful with the hint of crazy, perfect for a girl like me! To start with I dreaded climbing these mountains but then I found someone, someone as crazy as me and since then my days are pretty much anything and everything but monotonous.

He comes and sits right next to me. As the fading sunlight falls on his face for the one last time, I see his honey coloured eyes, they were brown a minute ago, and I make a note to self. The smiles are exchanged and we continue watching the crimson sky while the birds soar high through the dim lit clouds halfway through the mountains.

There’s a problem though. He’s scared to climb any further with me. He’s afraid that when the time comes we are standing at the brink of the precipice, and he won’t jump. He will not hold my hand. He will stay on that cliff forever.

I guess while we were climbing up, he has heard a lot of people screaming while jumping off the cliff. I wish he had also seen the smiles on their faces while they are flying like a free bird. He might have seen them falling but how do I tell him that not everyone is meant to get hurt.

Every time when I was tired, he convinced me to stay and not give up. I listened, I love listening to him and I stayed. However, after all this he’s scared of the fall, so scared that he won’t even take a step forward. How do I tell him that it’ll all be worth it? That in the end, he’ll be okay. Everyone is because that’s how it works!

A while ago I had thought of letting him go, for love is all about freedom and choices.

However, I wonder, without him will the sunsets still be beautiful as I would watch the crimson sky while the birds soar high through the dim lit clouds halfway through the mountains.

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Nimmo on February 20, 2019:

Keep up the good writing

Joonak on February 19, 2019:

After a long time I read you❤️❤️❤️❤️

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