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Summertime Fun-Flash Fiction

I am finding that flash fiction is really fun to write, hopefully you will enjoy my story.


Jerry woke up and looked around in a daze, then remembered. He was in prison and waiting to be executed for a crime he didn't commit.

His mind returns to the horrible day it all began.

His best friend Joe and he were riding their bikes, and were on their way to the river to smoke cigarettes and swim the day away. They finished off the pack and started home. On the way they noticed a good looking girl walking down the old dusty road. They stopped and said, " Climb aboard " completely surprised, she answered " Ok " and got on Jerry's bike. they rode into town and stopped at the only café in town. They all ordered a coke from the serving window and began to get acquainted. She told them her name was Virginia and she was in town visiting her aunt Mary who lived in the mansion on the hill, her mother was on a cruise to Mexico. She was sixteen, Jerry and Joe were both nineteen and seriously thinking about joining the marines. They explained that they wanted to see the world, and this one-horse-town had nothing to offer except a factory that made plastic billfolds at a minimum wage, Virginia asked them if they had ever smoked pot both said " no " She asked them if they would like to try it. They didn't want her to think they were hicks, so they answered, " Sure, why not?" They got back on their bikes and went back to the river, and tasted pot for the first time. They both liked the taste and the high feeling, plus, it made them all feel sexy. Jerry had a blanket roll on his bike, They spread it out in behind some trees. They all had sex. Virginia was more than willing to participate.

They stayed until dark, then rode back to town.

Virginia was still higher than a kite, when she got off the bike she fell striking the back of her head on a large rock. They noticed a steady blood stream on the ground, they panicked and ran.

A woman saw the girl on the ground and the two boys riding away fast, She quickly called the police and ambulance, Virginia was dead on arrival at the hospital.

The rest is history, Both boys were charged with first degree murder and sentenced to die.

It has been three years, the last appeal was denied. The execution was scheduled for midnight tonight,

As they were being taken to the death chamber, they passed each other and each saluted, remembering the impossible dreams that would never happen. The marines were their way out to see the world.

Jerry and joe were black Americans and Virginia was a rich ivory white girl who was just looking for some fun on a lazy summer day.


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