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Summer Ghosts

Audrey is a poet, classical singer and voice teacher, recovering attorney and licensed psychotherapist.

by: bella_domaine

by: bella_domaine

My #21 for National Poetry Month

when days grow long

so does love

curled up in a parking lot


radiating heat.

i drink a lemonade

slowly, sip pulp.

the way you loved


makes me wince

way up in this tree.

recalling days when

we sat underneath

this old girl,

i look for you

arising with the heat.

© 2017 Audrey Howitt


Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on April 29, 2017:

Love the image of sitting under the tree. Just the right poem for my side of the world. We have a large oak in the garden beneath which we sit.

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on April 23, 2017:

Hi Audrey - You see some very creative visions.

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on April 22, 2017:

The imagery is lovely, as always. The poem also seems to express sadness. It's a beautiful combination.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 22, 2017:

This makes me think of my youth. Lovely, vivid poem.

Audrey Howitt (author) from California on April 22, 2017:

Thank you Venkatachari!

Venkatachari M from Hyderabad, India on April 22, 2017:

Beautiful poem with vivid imaginations of heat and love.

threekeys on April 22, 2017:

Love th pic, it makes me think of summer and her heat.

Ralph Schwartz from Idaho Falls, Idaho on April 21, 2017:

Very nice, read it twice!

Gina Welds from Tampa, Florida on April 21, 2017:

Love the imagery. "curled up in a parking lot tarmac," sounds extremely hot. For some reason, when I read this poem it took me back to my barefoot running days. We ran on the tarmac back home barefooted. Our feet were black and hard after years of running this way.

My favorite tree was a coconut tree that I would sit under and watch the cruise ships go by. It was right across from my Aunt's house, whom I visited every Easter as a child.

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on April 21, 2017:

Wow Audrey! Who hasn't sat under a tree with the one they love? I don't know about heat in a tarmac, but you go girl. Ha. This was a fun and clever poem....

manatita44 from london on April 21, 2017:

Some heat! Cool!

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