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Strength of the Prince of Jader - Response to Brenda's Word Challenge

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Brenda Arledge, our fellow hubber, has provided us with a new word prompt (week - 36) as 'Strength' to inspire and motivate us for creative writing and this time instead of a poem I have conceived a story pertaining to some ancient kingdom and this story is about the test of the prince by his teacher for the strength and courage, the prince possessed.

Strength of the Prince of Jader

Malvino was the eldest son of the king of Jader. He had two brothers and one sister much younger than him. The king was very particular about the upbringing of his children and had given this responsibility to one of the most knowledgeable and intelligent persons, Mojoro, in his court.

Mojoro was exceptionally brillIant and knew many natural wonders and helped the king in running the small kingdom in the best of the ways. He was also knowing about the outer world which was very far from their kingdom whichever direction you go to search for it. He only told that there were so many small kingdoms in the outer world and they even fought with each other to snatch the land and material to make their own kingdom bigger and bigger. It was simply a matter of good luck for the people of the small kingdom Jader that those outer kingdoms could not reach Jader due to the big distance and logistic reasons.

Malvino was very comfortable during his childhood with his parents. His father being the king of Jader was very well off and took good care of him. Jader was a remote kingdom at the western flange of present-day Mongolia. That was a green but less inhabited place and around the kingdom, there were no other kingdoms from which there was a danger of ambush or confrontation. They did not have any communication with the outer world and were dependent solely on their natural resources which were plenty in that particular region including a water lake fed by underground water and two rivers flowing between the hillocks that bordered the kingdom. As the population of the kingdom was very less the agriculture and vegetable production was sufficient to take care of the people. The local artisans and workers met the demands of the people related to raw cotton fibre clothes and other such items.
Only a few people among the population were included in the king's court and they were considered as highly knowledgeable and respectable people of the kingdom. They were reserved and spoke less but whenever they told something, it was to be understood as the rule of the kingdom and people blindly followed them.

Malvino was the privileged child as there were very few children who were allowed to learn from the reputed teachers in the court of the king. Malvino was asked to attend the weekly classes in the house of Mojoro who used to teach various topics to the students. Malvino learnt a great deal from him and while growing up acquired a lot of knowledge about the past history of the kingdom and some facts and sayings about the outer world which none of them had seen so far. Malvino grew into a handsome person with wide shoulders and looked like a would-be king of the Jader. As his father was getting older, he asked Mojoro whether Malvino should be throne as the new king so that he could retire and pass his time happily in spiritual pursuits.

Mojoro politely told the king that that was not the opportune time to throne the new king and moreover he had to take the test of the real strength and the intelligence that Malvino possessed.

King asked Mojoro to quicken the process of his test and other studies about Malvino and submit a detailed report on that. The next day Mojoro called Malvino and told him that he had to undergo a test that will conclude his studies under Mojoro. Malvino was always ready for the challenging jobs and was eagerly looking up to the test which Mojoro would be assigning him soon.

Mojoro asked Malvino to take a good and obedient horse and go in the eight directions around the Jader Kingdom and come back and ascertain that no kingdom or any small but powerful tribal group had come up there in recent times. Malvino was given 4 days for each direction considering that he would fathom at least a distance of 140 miles in each direction. If Malvino could do it in 32 days time then it would be a certificate that he had enough strength to take up the responsibility of the kingdom. Malvino was also cautioned that he would have to manage his food himself and will be all alone in that adventure. The next day Malvino touched the feet of his teacher and took his blessings before leaving the court.

Malvino was much intelligent than the other youngsters of his age and he knew some fundamental things about directions and distances. He knew that just going into a straight line and coming back would not be able to cover more land for combing for the presence of some human colonies.

Malvino thoughtfully pondered over the matter and a bright idea came in in his mind that instead of going straight in a direction he should choose to go in an oblique direction for about 120 to 180 miles which he could make out from the speed of the horse and time elapsed by seeing the position of the Sun. He would then come back in another oblique direction covering a big triangular area in that single trip. He was sure that he would able to do it easily in hardly 3 to 3-1/2 days time. He killed a few small animals on the way and roasted them in the nighttime when he camped near a tree during the night and created fire with the stone he had kept with him since the first day. The fire went on throughout the night to keep away the wild animals. Malvino collected some grass and bushes and offered it to the horse from time to time and took care of the horse who was the only companion with him. The horse was the best of the lot from the king's stable but it definitely required some care and attention in such a long mission. Malvino experienced a lot of things about the geography of the area around his kingdom. The rising hills to the north and the semi-arid and desert area to the southern direction. It was a great sight wherever he went and the changing landscapes were a great delight for him. It was the first time that he came out of the kingdom to view the beauty of surrounding landscapes and picturesque terrestrial sceneries.

Malvino emerged as the winner in that test and amazingly completed the task in only 26 days against the target of 32. He came back and met Mojoro and gave him the details that he found 4 small poor tribal villages in that area and nothing else in the nature of any kingdom or so. Mojoro had already got that information and it was a pleasant confirmation for him.

The next day Mojoro met the king and apprised him that Malvino was more powerful and was having more strength than what Mojoro thought he possessed.

King was very happy and rewarded Mojoro for his good guidance to Malvino, the future king of Jader.

Never, ever give up

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt

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