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Street Commando: Midnight Resistance

"This guy is DONE!"

"Broken forearm, steel rod through the head, deep lacerations across the chest and that's only the start; this guy is a goner!"

"His body is full of holes; was someone trying to make him into a sieve?!"

"Did he lose a fight with a bulldozer and a helicopter gunship?!"

"He actually did, the place was guarded by Lecrerc!"

Suddenly, everyone went silent as the stretcher carrying Sergeant Blaze Steelrage, a mercenary with "Tortured Skull" PMC (Private Military Corporation) assigned to Neo Islamabad, Pakistan as a consultant for the local law enforcement; "Tortured Skull" is effectively Pakistan's acting armed forces; fighting the "Croix Blindée," a French-Russian PMC co-operating with local terrorist cells aiming to overthrow the local government to establish a pro-Russian regime; granting total control of the mainland.

"Plug him in!" a voice broke the silence," the only way to sustain what's left is to shock it!" Moments later, Sgt. Steelrage's body was practically tied to an improvised generator made from a high-performance car engine. He was far from the base, right in the middle of No Man's Land where PMC's engaged in all-out firefights and where "Croix Blindee" secretly established a listening post with an airstrip able to land and refuel An-70s transport planes and even Ka-50 "Black Shark" attack helicopters; they were gearing up for invasion of the country.

"Croix Blindee" was successful in their operations; ambushing "Tortured Skull" installations, supply convoys and patrols while supplying and training the local terrorist cells to take the action further using guerilla tactics. Sgt. Steelrage's patrol was disabled by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) during a nighttime patrol (followed by frequent nighttime attacks on local Pakistani armed forces installations; patrols had to be dispatched at night) forced to continue on foot.

Pursuing a squad of guerillas to an abandoned steel mill, Sgt. Steelrage's squad was wiped out by the waiting "Croix Blindee" mercenaries. Outnumbered and outgunned, Steelrage was gunned down and left for dead. While attempting to infiltrate the enemy facility, Steelrage ran into the enforcer in charge of the operation; engaging him led to the current situation; torn apart, burned alive, mutilated, broken and gunned down.

An-70 Transport Plane


Re-Wired, Re-Animated and Re-Armed

"CLEAR!" a command rang through the air as another 1000 Volt charge hit Sgt. Steelrage's body; waking up the fallen mercenary to see his body reduced to nothing but a pile of meat on a tray mixed with wires, strings, and sheet steel. "Atif, bring me that weapon crate we salvaged, the man needs limbs!" Another voice ordered. Suddenly, Sgt. Steelrage caught sight of a circular buzzsaw over his head. The last thing he heard was a rapid-fire salvo of Urdu before losing consciousness once again.

"What?!" a female voice snapped Steelrage awake, "I told you to bring silicone not plastique!" The vision was still foggy but it was possible to see what went on; "but it's all we have, be reasonable Ameena, we could only do so much to save the only capable fighter!" a male voice replied defensively. "Not my fault you wasted time flirting around with lab assistants while most of us underwent weapon training!" Ameena snapped back. "OK, do you want to go out and fight trained soldiers led by a man-tank and supported by gunships?!" the voice nervously replied. The rest was lost to another blackout.

What seemed like years, Sgt. Steelrage finally regained consciousness standing upright; he was looking down on his saviors while feeling like he was holding heavy dumbells while wearing an overloaded MOLLE vest. He stepped forward and attempted to move his limbs; as soon as he could lift his hand; a loud explosion cut him off. It was a hand grenade. Steelrage ran towards the sound and charged into the next room; it was covered in blood and had 3 dead bodies on the floor.

"3 targets KIA, room clear" A Slavic accent rattled the dust-filled room as a lightly armored trooper turned the corner; he quickly noticed Steelrage and trained his sight on him. The mercenary faced the trooper, who now looked surprised borderline scared; moving his lips like a fish as if saying what was possibly Russian profanities, he let fly a few rounds from his AK-12 assault rifle. The trooper was faster than Steelrage so the newly resurrected mercenary didn't get to dodge. He instead, walked forward and painted the back wall with blood and brain matter.

"Seeker 2 what's your status, we heard shooting!" the dead trooper's chest radio hissed. "Seeker 2 respond!"

Steelrage stood still, listening in on the comms.

"All Seeker elements return to base, I repeat return to base, sandstorm approaching."

"I guess we are clear for now" he thought as he checked the room; everything was destroyed and riddled with 7.62 sized holes from the AKs the troopers used. There were several bodies; all shot with high accuracy to vital zones for fast kills. Steelrage walked on; in search for survivors. The man had many questions. "Guess it worked in the end." A female voice echoed out of the debris. Steelrage moved towards the sound, he saw a woman of average height, dark long hair tied back and dressed in olive drab fatigues with a Red Crescent armband on her right arm. "Guess it did, shame everyone won't live to tell about it." the cyborg replied.

"I am Dr. Ameena Khan, my team found you outside, thrown out like yesterday's garbage by the Russians; you barely survived." the woman introduced herself, examining her work as she did. "Now you are literally a gunman; as in half-man half-gun; your limbs were totally destroyed and mangled thus unusable so we had to think fast." She glanced behind Steelrage and saw the freshly painted wall. "I see you used my invention well; I call it the Impact Hammer; a shotgun that fires on contact while working like a simple punch"

"Impressive, I could use a harder punch; is there anything else I should know, Dr. Khan?" the mercenary asked. "Well, your insides were also badly damaged; every bone was broken; we replaced your veins with guitar strings and gizzards with....any electrical component we could find; we needed electricity and conductors to sustain you; unfortunately, we also had to use C4 explosives so I doubt you have much time."

"Guns for limbs and explosives for guts?" Steelrage said while contemplating. "I can do a lot with this; but before I do, I must ask why did you choose to save me?" Dr. Khan replied, "Pakistan was already unstable but the Russian and French mercenaries try to bleed it dry with stupid people rolling out the red carpet for them; at least Tortured Skull has the decency not to harass common people; so I chose the lesser of 2 evils here."

"Guess I should get back in the fight then, considering we have a common enemy." the cyborg mercenary answered, "After all, we are supposed to keep the peace." Dr. Khan nodded and replied. "Go back to the city, I heard there is a huge operation about to begin; Commander Voronin is planning to take everyone hostage and has a whole convoy at his side." Steelrage was curious. "Voronin?" he replied, "the HVT (High-Value Target) we are supposed to capture dead or alive; but how do you know all this?"

Ameena looked down and replied with a sigh, "We were on a relief mission to Saidpur after a KA-50 destroyed the local bazaar - it was an anti-terrorist mission so the Russians claimed - rest assured it was anything but." Steelrage put his gun-hand on her shoulder; the woman continued. "A tank unit rolled in and threatened us at barrel point and we were forced to treat their wounded for months; they were talking about some big event in the city; claiming that the world would give in and beat Tortured Skull without a fight."

"Well," the gun-man replied with confidence, "I am legally KIA so I can do whatever I want now; rest assured if Voronin won't get your message on the Impact Hammer, many of them will" Finishing the sentence, the cyborg walked off out of the building and into the wasteland.

KA-50 "Black Shark" Gunship


Midnight Resistance

Driving at top speed in a hijacked GAZ Vodnik (driven by a Croix Blindee mercenary at gunpoint) armed with a BPU-1 machinegun turret, Steelrage needed to break through the blockaded Islamabad; crashing through checkpoints and barricades while eating all the incoming damage. Dodging rocket launcher, machine gun, and assault rifle fire; the Vodnik still crushed its opposition under its heavy tires.

It was midnight but the entire city was lit up with flares fired into the sky and searchlights sweeping the streets as the cyborg mercenary was carrying out his rampage; him against a whole army of footsoldiers and armored vehicles. He didn't need to dodge small arms fire as it didn't penetrate his sheet steel skin; engaging the enemy in close combat with the Impact Hammer while unleashing rapid-fire hailstorms of 5.56 ammo from his other hand which was replaced with a FAMAS rifle.

Rushing through the city, racing against the explosive timers inside him, Steelrage has killed many opposing foot soldiers by gunfire and devastating melee attacks with the Impact Hammer; he only had an hour to live. "We are getting wasted here!" cried one of the foot soldiers taking cover behind an overturned car, "We need support!" Suddenly, a tank shell flew through the air and blew up a barrier of civilian cars. "Lower your weapons and surrender; you are outmatched!" A heavy French accent warned.

Steelrage turned around and faced another mechanical abomination; much like himself. It was made better than him while carrying heavier weapons; an M230 chaingun off of an AH-64 Apache gunship mixed with an oversized battering ram and a shortened version of a GIAT CN120 tank gun. Covered from head to toe in composite armor akin to modern MBTs. (Main Battle Tanks)

It was enforcer against enforcer here and Steelrage did not have time, he jumped head-first into the swarm of foot soldiers; where the French man-tank stood. Steelrage executed a "Superman" punch with his Impact Hammer and landed into the man-tank's chest; he back-pedalled and returned the favour with his chaingun, nearly missing the mercenary. "Reactive armor" he replied with his heavy French accent, "Still have a chance to surrender, hound!"

The footsoldiers backside of the man-tank moved in, training their sights on Steelrage, "Same old Leclerc, trying to bring the law everywhere even if you are a just as much a sell-gun as I am." Leclerc was a police officer in Nice, France for 5 years before getting discharged from the force for disorderly conduct and police brutality to be eventually hired by Croix Blindee as a prototype for biological experiments; giving him the heavy armor.

Using his bulletproof chassis, Steelrage charged towards the squads again, opening fire from his arm-mounted FAMAS at burst-fire; killing some. The remaining foot soldiers went for melee attack; cut down by the Impact Hammer. At complete free flow, Steelrage executed a bicycle kick to the chest of approaching Leclerc, who was priming his ram; throwing him off-balance; following up with an uppercut and a tackle to the ground. The mercenary was worse-built than Leclerc but he was heavier due to extra parts shoved into him. He was on top and finished the fight with a snap finisher punch to the face of the Frenchman. Blood sprayed his face and in one hit, changing the attacking foot soldiers from bold mercenaries to scared conscripts; starting to back away, shakily maintaining aim.

An Hour to Live.

The ground suddenly started shaking and a rumble could be heard like the city was having bad indigestion. A T-80 would give any city indigestion considering the firepower and weight it carries. "This is Commander Voronin, you are to cease your terrorist activity and surrender at once, I promise you would get a fair trial." A loudspeaker went off.

"An hour to live....." Steelrage thought to himself while stepping into the incoming T-80's path. "You will NOT be harmed!" the tank-mounted loudspeaker went off again, "Lay down your weapons and get on your knees!" Sgt. Steelrage scanned the approaching squad of fighting machines and as fast as he could, ran towards the one with the loudspeaker.

He sprinted through the approaching tanks, dodging machine gun crossfire and weaving through tracks of vehicles trying to de-rail his charge. Reaching his final destination, he jumped onto the tank's tower, punched open the porthole, revealing Commander Voronin armed with an AKS-74U. Steelrage threw his punch of the Impact Hammer to Voronin's head.


"All units, Commander Voronin is down I repeat, the Commander is down; his tank just blew up"

"Nomad squad call off the assault, repeat call off the assault, we have no lead; return to base, apparently top brass has other plans for Islamabad now."

© 2017 Jake Clawson

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