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Strange Experiment - Response to Brenda's Word Challenge

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The week 37 word challenge by Brenda Arledge is the word 'Experiment'. Just seeing this word it provoked me to think about the advanced scientific experiments done by researchers for making newer and newer inventions and it inspired me to go for futuristic science fiction story taking place in our world after about 400 years from now. So, here is the fiction and enjoy it.

Year 2436

Winser had an interest in science subjects since he was in his school. He also had a lot of interest in the inventions made by the scientists in the areas of robotics, bioengineering, biochemistry, and other such niche areas. Seeing his keen interest in scientific matters, his father had gifted him one year Global Science Club voucher which made Winser eligible to attend the practical science experiment sessions in the club.

It was the year 2436 and Winser had completed his high school in advanced science and was going to take admission in the higher secondary classes in the genetic stream. He had a fancy for genetic engineering and to understand that he had studied classical biology as well as modern concepts in medical science. In the year 2438, after completing a higher secondary course Winser joined the integrated research course in the Global Genetic Institute in Paris and after completing his Masters in the year 2443, focusing his attention on advanced genetic research.

Progress in genetics and biomedical fields

About 175 years back that is by the year 2268, many genetic engineers, biology researchers, and scientists were successful in creating chemical and biological images of brains of healthy people and then implanting them in the people who were having cognitive dis functions of various kinds. There were partial successes in some of the cases but the main challenge was to merge and then modify the existing brain functions with the new biological image and make a resulting personality without losing the identity of the person and in the process the person achieving better cognitive functions and activities.

By the year 2443, these techniques were further developed but complete personality improvement as per the donor's brain was still a far dream. Many research groups were engaged in those types of projects. Seeing the span of a good 175 years, the overall progress in the area was very slow.

Winser also joined one of those groups of researchers where more and more experiments were going on for achieving the above mentioned scientific objectives. He was given a topic for research which he liked much but he also knew that it was a tough area and he might not be easily able to succeed in that. But he was determined to do research in that area to the best of his capabilities. He was also encouraged by his guide for going ahead as far as possible in those domains of research and inventions. The meritorious and talented people like Winser were always encouraged and motivated by the higher-ups in the research wings.

Morgon's idea

Winser was an intelligent person and always thought out of box ideas. He believed that by using newer and newer methods and taking associated risks sometimes it was possible to obtain solutions to even the most difficult problems. He often directed his hard work in that direction only. One of his team colleagues Morgon agreed with him in this respect and was ready to help him if he wanted his help in executing such new ideas. Morgon was an expert in biological sciences as well as computer coding and had earlier worked in biophysical coding projects also.

One day Morgon came up with an idea of coding the details of the image of the donor in such a way that it could be controlled even from the remote for bringing the recipient to a more real-life pattern after receiving the brain image from the donor. Winser was excited with the idea but how to get such a project approved officially and conduct was a problem as the administration only allowed the approved cases from the top global committee of the scientists as they did not like to take chances with the unknown and doubtful biological experiments.

Somehow Winser was very curious to execute that without informing his guide or anyone above in the hierarchy and wanted Morgon to help him. Morgon was always ready for such propositions as taking risks was in his nature.

"So, our problem is from where to get a donor and one recipient to test our model", Winser casually told to Morgon.

"There is no problem. You become the donor and I the recipient", Morgon chuckled.

Winser was much surprised and much amazed by that remark by Morgon. It was dead against the policies of scientific research. They might get booked for it severely and lose their jobs. It was always risky to work in a hidden mode.

"No risk no gain", Morgon smiled.

"How do we go about it", inquired Winser.

"It is simple. I have good experience in coding and I will make a foolproof code along with all remote control mechanisms and we can operate from our handheld devices or smartphones in whatever way we like. You are the person expert in imaging and in making a copy of the brain and you just do it by taking a map of your own brain and then converting it in the biochemical and biophysical form so that it can be implanted in the usual course, as we did in our earlier experiments, by putting them inside my brain", Morgon explained.

"But how the remote controller will work?", queried Winser.

"Once the implant procedure is over then you can use the remote control device and adjust the image in my brain for best performance and once you are satisfied with its working then you simply switch back the device and flip the settings so that implanted brain is turned off and my original brain starts working in the usual fashion", Morgon explained in a layman style.

"Suppose the implant does not work nicely then what is the course of action", Winser asked. He was now feeling a bit sceptical about the whole thing.

"Then you remove it from my brain and then we find out some other scheme or you design a better implant", Morgon seemed to have all the answers in his pocket.

Winser was much impressed with the confidence of Morgon. Winser was himself an expert in biochemical brain imaging and implanting it in the recipient's brain and Morgon said that he would make the code to control it remotely. So, it all was fitting well and of course, it was a fantastic idea and if it worked well it would be the biggest achievement in the area where so many scientists were working. He also knew that if it became successful then authorities would pardon their grave indiscipline and maybe they might get some accolades and awards also.

The experiment

Winser and Morgon were now determined to go ahead with their experiment and they were too much confident about the idea they had conceptualised and were sure that it might open up a new world of hope for the human community especially those suffering from mental disorders or ailments.

They were usually working late in the evenings and even on holidays after getting special permission for their routine jobs but actually doing the new experiment in a hidden way in that workplace. After a continuous hard work of about seven months, Morgon told to Winser that the code was complete and it was working with a test model that he made in the lab using some hardware. Winser was also ready with the image of his own brain with all the associated hardware and then one late evening when there was no one present in the workplace Winser took Morgon to the procedure room and within one and half hours he completed the whole procedure and was waiting for Morgon for coming back to normalcy and being aware of the surroundings once the effect of anaesthesia was over. Morgon woke up and became very fresh and energetic within a few minutes and when Winser asked him who he was to test the procedure, Morgon told that he was Winser.

Winser was very happy that the image transformation and temporary replacement of Morgon's brain were successful and now Morgon was right now having Winser's brain image inside him and as per the setting of the code right now the Winser's brain was active and working inside Morgon.

Winser took the control device in his hand and he was able to control various functions and their intensity levels of the image of his own brain inside Morgon's head but when he tried to flip the brain back to Morgon's original brain the control did not work and so Morgon remained in the 'Winser' mode only.

"I am not able to flip it back. Is it malfunctioning or there is a flaw in the coding. But you told me that it worked well with the model that we created in the lab. Can you help me Morgan", Winser cried.

Morgon did not reply.

"Why are you not responding?", Winser again shouted.

"What are you talking about. I am Winser. I have no idea of the advanced codes", Morgon retorted.

Winser was terrified. What if the device does not work. It was a very high-end thing and only Morgon knew about it but right now he is locked somewhere back in his own brain and the person talking to Winser was another Winser, in fact, a copy.

Winser fumbled at the remote keys but it did not help. Morgon remained in Winser mode only.

A deep, dark, and scary silence fell in the room while the Winser inside Morgon was simply staring at the donor Winser.

© 2021 Umesh Chandra Bhatt