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Updated on July 5, 2018
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Archie here... I’m not a good writer like you but then i challenge myself to write something else.

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Cast of Crawls


[The Last Blood of Human]

In half-light of universe

A story behind secret shed of dark,

It’s the other side
and nobody can hear the quiet signs;
The Crawls of not ordinary not immortal in hidden different life but sufferings is made more than devil’s hungriness and evil’s doing. And all is begun from curse of greediness, selfish in golds and diamonds till people break the land of only paradise, everything is become hell of fire and lifeless land. Life is no heaven, no light, no other life, no greens for foods and the animals are gone with the greens, waters in the broken paradise, only each other’s flesh and blood...only darkness, only hungry wild people, only brain-dead sicked children, only rare genetics of animals and humans are survivors but the burdens has no antidotes. Only dangerous bio-hazard chemicals of brainless experimental science’s practices is to blame...they made the world A bowl of coal’s ashes and only core. And all of many people’s lives fall down...fall down in total broken land. They made gigantic hole of black and red like wide hell of fires and melted lava. Human is not human anymore the day after the all chemist missed, all plastics factory’s dirt, all people’s wastes, all mining procedure’s poisonous waste run in water of ocean, all city pollution, all gas leaks, all motor oils waste, all country’s mistakes, all war’s ruins, all people mindless brains and materialistic lifestyle is only concerns specifically money is much inside their brains. The bad of most is all chemist missed in Nucleal and atomic, and leaks, spread out the biochemical-hazard effect to near states, near islands, near cities, near countries and mixed in wind. And it destroyed human’s system and transformed in another specimen. The only remained is dead land of every islands, dead is death and blood is the only water to obey thirst, flesh is hungriness, only strongest and intelligent will survive and the rest is lifeless.
In A world where there is No sky and no light;
At screaming cry
it’s A place without moonlight and without sunlight.

Lost in their own nightmare and stolen yesterdays,
Now is living in twirl of monument’s evil is scare,
Tears are merciful for dying heirs
in bloods of another hell’s creatures;
Run away in dangers of wilderness
yet, fall in gripped homeless and unknown place...
Crying out for help
drawn in fire of hell and heard the unseen noises of voices.

But then, some good people found another life
In deep hole is hidden cave of water, many fishes and water-plants even without sunlight
In deepest secret place is still imperfect paradise;
A shelter, A home though it’s darkness
to not notice their presence
the only place to live and only safe from danger outside...
Everyone is A victim and blaming the science
Who is the God to this moment of broken cast?

Who is the God of Good people,
Who is the God of selfish damns?
Who’ll call in name of God to save them all after all?
Whom will give miraculous spell to save them again?
Jesus Christ is roused again?
And claimed again the punishment of your mistakes?

Days after many nights of tomorrow,
what is the future?
Days are darkness and not seen the colors of rainbow...what is the life after many thousand tomorrow?

Only few good people remained in hunted Earth, in A place they owned and become home against dangerous people who became brainless and hungry beast in blood and flesh. Two old woman, one middle-aged man, one teenager boy, An old man and his dog and the newlywed couple from valley of North.
A year after, the woman in secret cave gave birth, A twin babies, blessed by goodness and health. A girl and A boy with normal genetics of A human. The mother died after she gave birth. The babies named... Eros and Erika.

Years gone by, everyone is living in hide and seek, scared but no other way to saves their own lives... some are best, some are good and some are beast.

How many years from now?
How many years had passes?
How many people will die?
How many children will cry?
How many victims will become food and drink?
Praying and dream to see the new light.

“Affair &A pair... A different love story,”
Searching for A place.

The last blood of goodness is hunting the new morning rise.
After they left the deep cave and death of all the people they knew since first darkness in their eyes, first try in everything and first time in life. They escaped in the graveyard of hungry beast, they run out from danger of run run.
Hide in tombs with cemented bulks and cross in ruins of nightmare is silence of their safety to not meet the fear of death, the only place to cover from the teeth of beast. Night and day is equal in the dark shed of coffin’s tombs, though alive but it’s best than to be died.

Voice of man...
“Erika you heard me, right?
They said, there is A heaven in the other side, Have faith, Hold my hand and we will seek the called paradise...
A place Where the sun is rays of good light and the moon’s promises is love sign of perfect life, Everything will become alright
you and I, we’ll have another sky... Our own paradise, our home and new life.”

Voice of woman...
“Eroz I trusted you and your love
so, I never doubt that this is last, I have loved you all my life and I am your naked shine like moonlight...
You are my cape from cold of ice into my every night and you’re my knight, I’ll follow my heart not even tonight I knew all the meaning and it’s enough to lay on you same eve’s only paradise.”

“I love you Eroz”
“And I love you much Erika, it’s my sincerity to knew that this is the right”

The silence awaken in crawls of two shadows in the ceiling of darkness,
Deceiving vow rouse again and in secret ceremony of flames and desirable fire...
Outside from the world not hell, not heaven is an everlasting venture of chill and fire;
Life enlightened
and ores of light is rise across the line,
Darkness vanished yet still frightened
two souls is lying without screaming arguments...
Everything left-behind
it’s A circle hidden paradise of fairy tale;
A Conspiracy of wellness
and scene of uncover round in timeless.

It’s another verses
in continues pages of blank papers,
A story of undiscovered
and true life is sunrise to sunset...
Unnamed Love story
enchanted affair of another rebirth;
In seeking fate
and in searching for different place
about what kind of life is they’ll commit.

Running out in nowhere,
years and years...
And finally, after dangerous wilds of journey, they escape from the place where there is no beginning and no ending,
The heaven sighted...
“Erika this our destiny. Look at me, I’m A stronger than Adam’s gravity... I can see the light in the sky and I can breathe without halo in air, in the wind and i almost feel ignited.
Ha Ha Ha!!! This is life and me
unbelievable!! You can still hold me yet, you never die. Imagine life we have now, You and i in A strange world or maybe A land of surprises, see!?”
“ I named this land PEARL OF ORIENT” PILIPINAS.

Exclaimed and scared to new quest,
It’s One of a kind journey...

Erika is grasps in deep because of those unique colorful scene in her eyes, it’s so beautiful and wonderful place.

“Eroz, Though I’m still afraid
I believed you bring me here for better, This is extra-ordinary than our dark shelter behind the fire of wilderness and dangerous people, it’s A magnificent beautiful place than our home in deep cave of darkness.
I’m not afraid now, you had A promise... And I’ll be more confident, beside you I feel safe. Now, our world has A new sunlight, new moonlight...our life now is in new chapter of many beautiful changes and in brand new time. “Hold me forever in every new sunshine and in every rest of sunset.”

High universe
A beautiful heaven and stars,
Halos on top of mountains
are the freshness of winds and clouds...
Walked under the greens and trees
and swim at the waterfalls through the blue ocean;
Beginning of a new home
how will they know about new life and time and the rest in the future.

The story of Eros and Erika continues...happy with children and everlasting freshness of Earth.


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