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Storm Approaching

Electrical Storm


A Night To Remember

"This is a night to remember" said Jeff pulling the drapes across the windows. "I bet the farmers will be pleased with this year's rain. After five years of drought they are looking at a good harvest. Africa has a harsh climate and the dry seasons can break the banks of small farmers like us. Jenny, what did you say about the weather forecast this evening? Did I hear you say that there is another storm setting in?"
Jenny sat half curled in the settee staring blankly ahead as if not taking in his question. "Jen, did you hear what I was saying?" "Oh yes a storm! That's right, the weatherman predicts another bank of clouds coming in from the west. Let's welcome it even if the last downpour was not enough for even the driest of soil."

At that split second there was a crack of thunder and flash of lightning and we were bathed momentarily in a strange yellow green light that filled the room. The rain pelted down on our corrugated roof, until we could not hear ourselves speak above the din. Jenny winced and said she was off to make us a quick cup of Rooibos tea. She was a beautiful woman I thought and I was glad that I was married to her.
It was good to have a roof over our heads. I remembered the people who lived in the tin shacks, especially near the big cities, where the promise of gold and the city lights drew them away from their native land of birth. Money, I thought, was always a problem and a big temptation, no matter who you were. With all the casinos and lotteries and false promises of great spoils, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Mind you, I thought, some of rich friends lost everything by being bitten by the great gambling bug. Its nasty teeth never let one go. Our neighbours two farms away from us lost everything overnight, plus their marriage.
Anyway, enough of that. "Jen, where's the tea you were promising me? Where are you Jen? Come inside or you'll catch the flu all over again!" I went out after her. The moon caught the silhouette of the trees and the grass sparkled with iridescent droplets. "The storm is over!", I exclaimed, "What a joy to have this little old house and someone to share it with. Eyes to behold all their seasons in their many moods and glory".

It was good to feel the crisp damp air around us and the sudden starlit sky. Yes, it was good to be alive and in love, I thought, as we walked arm in arm to our safe haven on the hill.

Ominous Weather Change


The Storm Approaches

The clouds roll over the sunlit sky
The storm approaches in wisps and gusts
The trees bend in submission and the birds rush by
The wind increases and the rain fills the ruts

Flashes of lightening illuminates the distant sky
The thunder claps and makes itself heard
The storm unleashes itself and ships they ply
To the nearest harbour their sails unfurled

The rain is over the sky opens up in blue array
The sunshine peeps over the treetops tall
The clouds flee to greet another day
Where the rain will bless the land and bless all

Beautiful cloud formation


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