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A Short Story of Love, Betrayal and Heartache

C Marie Brown is Mom and playmate to two energetic mischievous labs who is looking for a creative outlet.

From an echoing distance Misty heard, Miss last call. Slowly she looked at the bottle of beer cupped in her hands, then allowed her gaze to drift outwards and landed on the gruff wet knuckles of the bartender, spread on the surface of the counter, then travelled up to his face and saw chapped lips and tired eyes. She can't remember entering the pub, noticing him or even how long she had been sitting hunched over at the bar. She sighed and took a sip of the tasteless flat warm liquid in the bottle and that's when she felt the warm flow of tears on her cheeks and realized she was crying. Misty hung her head and openly and loudly wept; wept for the pain she was feeling, the emptiness, the hurt and the utter soul shattering betrayal of her husband and sister.

Misty felt like it was only last week that she had met Henton, Henton Marshall, coffee shop Owner and barista extraordinaire. She had just finished a long day of fixing and re fixing, editing colors, layouts, table settings, seat arrangements, basically a planned birthday chaos instead of planning a birthday celebration, but that's what Event planners do, anything for the client. She was feeling fatigued, drained and needed a caffeine jolt, so she entered Hentons Koffe Kafe and Mistys life forever changed.

Her body had instantly reacted to the sound of his voice when he bid her welcome, and when Misty looked around and their eyes locked, a jolt of energy passed between them, stronger than any hot milky sweet, caffeinated coffee; so much so she had forgotten what she wanted. Henton had taken one look at her, smiled an exquisite, white-teethed smile and she knew she was lost. She felt him touch her soul.

They quickly fell into a happy and passionate relationship, one they both discovered they didn't know they were looking for and needed. They both had thriving and fulfilling careers and businesses they loved, family and friends they loved and varied interests that complimented them each. Life was beautiful.

Three years into their relationship, Henton's Grandmother passed away, then four months after, Misty suffered a miscarriage, their worlds were shattered, they were in a dazed and alcohol infused state of emergency. Misty's sister became an angel of mercy and hope and light; she was an accountant, maid and counsellor. Eventually Misty welcomed and embraced her help and compassion. she was Misty's anchor. Henton was inconsolable, or so Misty thought.

Misty started going out again, going back to work, rediscovering her love for life and the love and connection she shared with Henton, and it was in that spirit she persuades Henton to do the same. Slowly they began smiling with each other again, walking together again, visiting family again, friends again, and it was then she saw them kissing, deeply, passionately.

Misty put the beer bottle down, dried her cheeks and eyes, blew her nose into her shirtsleeve, paid her beer bill, held her head high; and with a serious and determined look, she walked out the pub into the night and headed home, thinking, hell hath no fury like...

© 2022 C Marie Brown