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Stop Swindling The Poet

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.



Who is a Poet?

Simply put, a poet is any individual who writes consistent good poetry. Why consistent? Because you really cannot consider yourself to be of any occupation unless it is something which you do repeatedly. So not because you had written a poem back in kindergarten and now you are a grown individual who has never written another piece of poem makes you a poet. Consistency is key my good old friend. But aside from just writing a few poems and calling yourself a poet, a poet is a lover of beautiful words and a majestic craftier of word togetherness. A poet is a writer who will see trash laying on the floor and is able to describe the trash so heavenly that you just can't resist taking it home. A poet is a lover of words.

The Black Sheep In The Writing World.

Who buys poetry? Well, I am still trying to find out that. As many poets have written hundreds of pieces of poems and had the dream of their worked being elevated, adored and loved, but only to see the accusers cast stone on them for the deadly sin of rhyme. No one is more in debt than poetry writers. They spend a lot of their time floating in the sky hugging the alphabet while the bills pile and the collectors line up at the front door with eviction notices. Other writers who have sold thousands of books snob at the poet every now and then and throw a penny at their hats when they feel like. The red carpet gets rolled up just as the poet steps off his horse to enter any event and the doors are nailed shut with signs stating 'No Poets Allowed.' Then he/she walks away in sorrow, pain and the only comfort is to craft a sonnet.

It's Not What You Think It Is!

Poetry Thieves

Poetry Thieves

The Poetry Swindlers Thrive

The poets have become so desperate that they begin to condense the internet with free pieces of their work. They say they don't want money but are just writing for the love of it. Then the green ink passes their nose and the short story or novel writer signs a deal and the bread gets baking. The poet becomes confused, hysterical and desperate for attention. He reaches out here;rejection. He reaches out there;Rejection. The swindlers then sit, watch and wait. When the poet desperation reaches soul selling levels the swindler strikes. They build websites to entice poetry writers. Many of those websites have these basic lines on their pages:

  1. Poetry writers needed. Submit your poems for a chance to win cash and prizes. First prize $1500.00 and possibility of your work being published as part of our anthology.
  2. Second prize is $1000 and your poem being placed on site.
  3. Third prize $500.

Submit your poetry now to avoid the rush in submission. Note that we charge a small reading fee of $5 dollars which is non-refundable. It can be paid via pay-pal or credit card. We only accept electronic submissions. Also, only short listed applications will hear back from us as we have hundreds of thousands of poems to read.

These poetry swindlers know that it is a lucrative business as it only takes 300 writers to submit 5 dollars each for them to reach an easy payout of $1500. So let's do the math. Let us say that they receive approximately 10,000 submissions each paying 5 dollars as reading fee. That is 10000 times $5 dollars which equals $50000 big ones! Paying out a measly 3000 out of this is nothing. The swindlers are left with over $45,000. dollars to go to Vegas or the Caribbean and drink some good old Jamaican rum. That is an awesome profit for a single scam.

But despite how they mock us and feed on our desperation. I implore my fellow poets to steadfast and be strong. Be committed, be aggressive, be hungry. Reach for the sky and pull the rope holding the pot of gold which us poets so desperately need. Write and continue to write some more. When the naysayers laugh, when the publishers reject, when the writers shun. Just know within yourself that you are a writer of beauty and myth. You are a writer of thoughts and imagination. You are a poet.

Words From a Famous Poet.

I'll die a Poor Poet than live my life as Piggish Politician.

— Clive Williams - October 10, 2018.

© 2018 Clive Williams