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Stephen: A King


Chapter 1: A Prince

It was an early morning, in the Kingdom of India. A prince in the Kingdom of India was born to Queen Marge (of fair skin, and blue hair) and King Bandhu (of black hair, and partially black skin). A guru named Jaggi (dark and bearded in appearance) shows up to show Stephen to India. He starts off by ripping a jackfruit in half, then rubbing the mushy part on Stephen's forehead, followed by a bit of sandalwood paste on his arm. Jaggi lifts up Stephen, and the kingdom of India is cheering "Long live Bandhu!". A week has passed since his birth, and Jaggi is in his fort and decides to give the prince a name: Stephen. Bandhu went to visit his brother Sunder. "You missed the presentation of Stephen. You were supposed to be first in line.", Bandhu told Sunder. "Oh, that was today? My bad.", Sunder responds as he scratches his nails on a stone wall. "You were supposed to be first in line!", Bandhu responded. "Oh, I am so sorry. I shall get going. It's a shame I am at the shallow end of the gene pool.", Sunder says to himself.

Chapter 2: Stephen's childhood

Stephen was now 6 years old and Bandhu explains to Stephen that he will be king one day. "You mean all of this will be mine? What about that dark place over there?", Stephen asks. "That is the boundary. We must never go there. Legend has it that Ravana owned slaves over in that territory.", Bandhu responds. Stephen agrees to listen to his dad and goes to talk to his uncle Sunder. "Guess what?", Stephen asks. "I despise guessing games.", Sunder responds. "I'm gonna be king of India!", Stephen responds. "Forgive me for not being excited. Bad back.", Sunder responds. "There's a location beyond our kingdom and I can't go there.", Stephen responds. "Don't go there. It's a yard of Sabretooth cat skeletons.", Sunder responds. "Really?!", Stephen says in response. "Oh, dear. I've said too much.", he says to himself. "Don't go. I want to look out for my only nephew.", Sunder responds. Stephen acts like he's going to listen, but goes to meet with someone. A girl, his age, of mocha colored skin and long black hair. MiReina. He asks her mom if they can go to the Ganges River together. "The Ganges? What's so great about the Ganges?!", MiReina responds. MiReinas mom asks Queen Marge if they can go, and Marge agrees as long as the royal servant Nicholas can go with them. As they are on their way. Stephen is whispering to MiReina that they are actually going to a graveyard. As Nicholas sees Stephen and MiReina whispering he says to them. "Look at you little seeds of romance. Blossoming in the Hindu Kingdom. Your parents will be thrilled. You 2 are already arranged!", Nicholas says. "Meaning...?", MiReina asks. "You 2 are going to be married one day!", Nicholas says. "Ew! I can't marry her. She is my friend.", Stephen responds. "Yeah, and it would be so weird.", MiReina says as she agrees with Stephen. "Oh, Stephen. It's a tradition going back to the life of Sudas, the first monarch of India.", Nicholas tells both of them. "Well, when I'm king, that will go.", Stephen tells Nicholas. "Yeah, and he's the future king.", MiReina tells Nicholas. "Why you little....!", Nicholas says as he is about to take them home while running towards them and he crashes into a grapefruit tree. "Alright! It worked!", Stephen says to himself. "It was my idea.", MiReina tells Stephen. "I pulled it off!". "With me!". MiReina tackles Stephen. "Gotcha!". The 2 troublemakers have arrived in the graveyard of Sabretooth cat skeletons when a group of Wolverines have shown up to eat them. Nicholas arrives, asking them to leave. Stephen and MiReina try to escape, but notice Nicholas is missing, but they distract the Wolverines by having Stephen grab one of them and throwing it at the other 2. Stephen and MiReina are now cornered by the Wolverine's when Bandhu shows up and beats them up. Bandhu tells Nicholas to take MiReina home while he speaks to Stephen about the fact that what he did was dangerous. "You deliberately disobeyed me! You could have been killed!", Bandhu tells Stephen. The next day, Stephen is in a canyon, when Sunder tells him there is a surprise. "If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise. Now, I shall go now. I must speak to your father.", Sunder tells Stephen. As Stephen is by himself, a group of water buffalo have shown up. Nicholas warns Bandhu, and Bandhu saves Stephen by telling Stephen to climb onto a tree while Bandhu climbs a mountain. Bandhu barely reaches the top, asking Sunder to help him, when Sunder grabs Bandhu's hands and Bandhu falls from the mountain. Stephen is upset by the sighting and doesn't know it was the fault of Sunder. "Stephen, I know it wasn't your fault. Nobody meant for it to happen. Just run away and save yourself. Never return!", Sunder tells Stephen. As Stephen is running away, Sunder tells the 3 Wolverines: Kill him. They chase Stephen, but one of them crashes into a cactus field as Stephen has reached the desert. "I'm not going after him! I don't want to end up looking like you!", a Wolverine tells another Wolverine, implying that one of them got cactus spines in their skin. Back at the Kingdom, Sunder is making a speech. "....and it is unfortunate that I have to say this, but King Bandhu and Prince Stephen are dead. I'm upset about it too. Luckily, we have me to take over and lead India.", Sunder says. "Oh, Chamunda.", MiReina thinks in her head.

Chapter 3: Stephen Gets Adopted

It was a warm day in the middle of the scorching Sahara Desert. Turkey vultures were surrounding Stephen's carcass. 2 men showed up to help Stephen: Peter The Overweight and Arnell the Slim. "We should help him. He looks almost dead.", Arnell says to himself. They take him to a nearby oasis and splash water on Stephen, waking him up. "I thank you for helping me, but I don't wanna talk. My life is ruined now.", Stephen responds. "Hey, I can help you. Just come with me.", Arnell tells Stephen. They arrive in the forest. "What an amazing place!", Stephen thinks to himself, admiring the nature. "So, you're struggling because of a situation? I'll help. Take Peter. When he was a young Caucasian, he was upset because he chose to go to a party with a friend, instead of going to the lake with a girl he liked. People made fun of him for having a beer belly and eating too much meat, so he met me, and now feels a lot better. So, just live with us and forget your worries.", Arnell tells Stephen. "I'm hungry. Got any starfruit?", Stephen asks. "Sorry, we're out of Starfruit.", Arnell responds. "Any Breadfruit?". "Nope". "Common fig?". "No, but we got some great food. Here, we have the Indian lilac. It's amazing! Mushy, yet satisfying when eaten.", Arnell responds. Stephen spends his life growing up with Arnell and Peter into early adulthood, where Stephen is now 18. One day, it seems like a normal day, when MiReina shows up. She and Stephen recognize each other. "What is going on?!", Arnell asks. "Arnell, this is MiReina. My childhood friend. MiReina, this is Arnell.", Stephen responds. "I really missed you. Sunder said you were dead. I'm so happy it's not true!", MiReina says in an excited way. "Hey, you're cute!", Stephen says to MiReina. "You as well, sweetheart! Big black hands!", MiReina says to Stephen in a sexual way. "Hey, let's run away from these guys.", Stephen responds. "Well, there's a problem. Our trios down to 2 and romance is in the air.", Arnell says while crying. MiReina and Stephen hugged while rolling down a hill into an area of flowers. Stephen went back up the hill to sit down.

Chapter 4: Sunder's dictatorship

Back in India, Sunder has ruined the place, with the environmental beauty ruined. "Sunder, you ruined India! There's not enough rice and dosa to support us!", Marge tells Sunder. Sunder punches Marge in the lip. "How dare you question my rule! Now, shut up before I call in the Kshatriyas! ", Sunder responds. Back at the forest, Stephen and MiReina are in an argument. "Stephen, you need to return to India! You're the king and Sunder ruined everything! Because of him, I thought you were dead!", MiReina tells Stephen. "No! I'm not! Maybe I was going to be, but I'm not the king anymore!", Stephen responds. "Fine! Be like that! India's gonna die if you don't return! We're breaking up!", MiReina responds. "Relationship trouble, Stephen? Wait! Stephen! You're alive!", Jaggi says as he sees Stephen. Stephen follows Jaggi to a river. "Listen to her, Stephen. India is in danger. The hard-working spirit of your father is within you. Just listen to me and MiReina! I'll go tell her you changed your mind.", Jaggi tells Stephen. "What was that about, Stephen?", Arnell asks. "Listen. I am a prince, but my dad died and now my uncle has taken over India and India is in poverty because of him. So now, we got to handle him.", Stephen explains

Chapter 5: Continuation of Conflict

"Ok, there's India.", Stephen says as he points at the palace. "We need to take an approach. Arnell, Peter, you distract the Wolverines.", Stephen tells them. They get to India and Stephen confronts Sunder. "Sunder! Let them go!", Stephen says. "Stephen! He's alive!", Marge says. "No, I'm afraid not. Now tell them that it is your fault that you caused the death of Bandhu or I shall kill you.", Sunder responds. "It is technically my fault, but I can explain!", Stephen says as he sees everyone in shock. "No, Stephen. It is time for you to die.", Sunder says as he is about to push Stephen from the tower. Stephen's flashback occurs of Bandhu falling, realizing it was the fault of Sunder, as he gets up and tackles Sunder. "NO! You killed my father! Admit it!", Stephen tells Sunder. "Stephen, no. I didn't---", Sunder is saying as he is choked by Stephen. "Ok, I did it! Stephen, I'm not the enemy. It's the Wolverines. They're the ones who scared you as a child!", Sunder says. "It's too late, Sunder. Because you're about to lose, and it looks like the Kshatriyas have even turned on you.", Stephen says as he slaps Sunder and Sunder falls from the tower, followed by a gharial biting Sunder's leg. "Since you told him we were the enemy, now we will stab you in the arm, bub!", a wolverine tells Sunder. Stephen gets to the top and yells: "MUKTI DEGI KALI MAA!", then the Indian citizens continue by blowing a conch.

Chapter 6: A Peaceful Kingdom

With Sunder dead, the Kingdom is now back to normal, with the environmental beauty back as well. Jaggi shows up for the marriage of King Stephen and Queen MiReina. "Thank you, Indians. We are here today for the marriage of Bandhu's heir Stephen, and MiReina. These 2 were arranged at a young age. By the Shakti in me, I shall ask. Stephen, MiReina, do you take each other to be married?", Jaggi says. They both say yes, then kiss. Jaggi proceeds by rubbing vermillion powder on MiReina's forehead.


For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Who is Stephen's uncle?
    • Sunder
    • Bandhu
  2. Who is the Guru who gives Stephen his name?
    • Jaggi
    • Bandhu

Answer Key

  1. Sunder
  2. Jaggi

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