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Horror Short Movie

When the character died, the vision of the trickle changed.

Looking down on his body, he turned into a soul.

The trumpet looked around and saw no one but where the shooter was.

I am angry with my unbelieving death, but I will be angry with what I have already died.

It is unfortunate that this happened as soon as I started playing the game, but I do not have a scam skill for myself.

And as soon as I remembered the skill, there was a window in front of Suryu's eyes.

[Resurrection is possible by the power of the half-shin. Do you want to do it now?

There are choices of Yes and No.

When I was about to hit a yes with a fist, a woman approached me with a body of trickle.

'What, what? Why is it so beautiful? "

The moment she saw her, the trumpet 's heart pounded.

The long hair, which is sensitive to light, has a shine like silk, and it is a dense forest. Even though the sunlight does not come in well, the skin is pure white.

The face was beautiful as well, even if it were said to be a goddess.

What is the body there?

It was the S line itself, which was often called skin, the skin was white and the legs were as long as the model.

Is the key to his chest?

I could not compare it with the entertainers in the TV.

She watched her and made a smile.

Then I confirmed her armed.

'Wait, bow ... And the arrow? '

As she watched the tradition hanging on the shoulder and the side of her shoulder, the head of the trickle cooled coldly.

She killed herself.

In a single blow!

She bent her knee with a grim look and put her face on the face of the trickle.

It seems to confirm whether he lived or died. I could not understand why he acted like that, but I could see that the trickle was right now.

"Yes," he said.

[I will be resurrected by the power of half-life. (24 hours cooldown)]

[It is invincible for 60 seconds due to the resurrection.]

[Resurrection causes God's blood to awaken and increase all stats by 300 + 300% for 180 sec.]


As the eyes of the trickle glowed, the woman in front of her was surprised and blinked.

Looking closer, it was even more beautiful.

A black eye that looks like a big eye and a clear light.

The red lips underneath the nose are close up in the eyes of the trickle.

There, the fragrant fragrance paralyzed the spirit of trickle.

In a desperately black desire, the trickle extended her lips all the way to the lips of women's cherries.

"Suck !?"

In a sudden kiss, she embarrassed and held her with her right hand, trying to escape from the trickle, and with her left hand, she threw away the arrows in her tradition.

Fortunately, there were only six arrows in the tradition, so I was able to throw them at once.

Throwing an arrow, releasing her lips, she smashed her down.

She struggles to escape somehow, but now the trumpet is unbeatable and the stats are significantly increased by the effect of the resurrection.

'Do you want to cover it?'

Thinking about 5 seconds, he shook his head.

It is a level that barely prevents her struggling even in the state where the stuttering has increased.

There was also the risk of being attacked in reverse after three minutes.

As a mind, I would like to try to save the current situation, commit it, and then come back to play it, but unfortunately this game prevented the save.

Since you can only save three times while playing the game, saving from scratch should not be considered for the long-term future.

Her skepticism, which has been compromised by an unbearable desire, distracted her.


Surprisingly, the trickle did not do anything unusual, but she turned her back on her face.

She hurts her heart and shed her broken clothes and mouth.

However, the trickle of the game for the progress of the superhuman momentum pressed.

"This, man, my lips! Oh, no, I would surely die more than that!"

She was really embarrassed.

Humans must die instantly when the heart is pierced.

The most important organ of the body is the 'heart', how can a person who is destroyed survive? She could not judge the situation calmly as usual.

She was gibberish because she was robbed of her lips and almost raped.

It is different from a cold face a while ago.

[The stats that were increased due to the resurrection after 3 minutes are back.]

'this. I might die if I'm wrong ... '

The effect of Sutet was obviously bigger, and the feeling of getting out of the body, Siru leaned back from the woman who warned him.

One step, one step back, and I walked away without hesitation as I walked a distance. Fortunately, it did not seem to follow.

"Huck! Huck!"

The trickle that I run around in my mouth ... Eventually I got lost.

I did not know what the direction was in the first place, but it was really bad because it was like this.

I do not think the future is dark.


Corsuruk …

I'm hungry and I think I'm going to be ruined. Please eat as soon as possible.]

I'm hungry, too.

I looked around, but I could not seem to eat it.

No, this is what a game.

Survival survival.

The arrow is right and the arrow is right and it is a crisis now.

It is realistic without hunger feelings on the subject of the game.

I feel like the bottom of my tongue stuck on my back.

I was hungry and sat down.

I was worried that it would be an arrow again like this before, but I feel like it will be done.

Both die and die.

"... I will eat grass."

Humans are also called hybrids.

He grabbed one of the grass leaves in his hand and put it in his mouth.

I could feel the fragrance and the chewiness depending on the fragrance.

"Oh, it's okay ... is not it?"

[It is poisonous. You have suffered a paralysis. It is decrypted after 10 seconds due to the effect of half-life.]


What the hell am I supposed to do.

Of course, I do not die immediately because I am starving, but I was exhausted in many ways, and hunger and fatigue were worse.

I thought it was a Greek Roman mythology, a world full of dreams and beauty.

"Huh, huh?"

At that time, a fruit tree appeared in the eyes of the trickle.

The fruit seems to be hanging around.

The trickle that ran under the tree quickly picked up a fruit that was off the ground.


I did not do anything stupid to eat because I ate a bite to eat.

I looked at it, but I did not see any particular abnormality.

Carefully bite the material, sweet juice flowed out.

Well well.

"I have a taste.

I ate about six fruits, and then I was hungry.

It seemed to be a normal fruit as I did not even notice the guiding sound.


The trickle bowed his head and looked at the perforated clothes.

It is a hole caused by an arrow that penetrates the heart exactly.

"I see, I'm the first kiss."

It was the first time I started this year because I did not play adult games.

I started with the idea of ​​playing a new game with a new mood as a new year, and kissing such a beautiful girl from the beginning.

Of course, I do not get into the axis of the kiss, but lips.

The trickle strangely stood in front of her.

Royal blue hair and eyes, red lips ... .

The trickle swept his head so he could hear the sound of parabapt, erasing delusions and scratching his head.

"Once I know where this is, there is no way."

It is neither a map nor a direction.

I do not even know what's in the woods.

The tricky regrets.

She just ran away from her.

I should have gotten out of here once I had misunderstood and persuaded.

I lifted my sigh and looked up at the sky.


The sky was clear.

© 2018 Hafiz waleed Ahmed

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