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Stairway to Hell

Chapter 1

She was born in the seventies. The winter right after the Christmas Holiday. Her 17 year old mother brought her home unwillingly after a promise of help from her aunts and grandmother. They called her THEIR baby. That is what she was. THEIR baby, as her mother chose not to "get close" or show affection to her newborn daughter. She sat in her baby seat as her mother fed her her bottles. She was never breastfed. She was only picked up by her mother to change a diaper, have a bath, or be put in her crib or on the floor once she started crawling. Never in her mother's arms.

Everyone else spoiled her. Showed her love and affection. Ran to her when she cried. Picked her up and cuddled her. Family snapshots never included her mother being the one holding her, playing with her, or putting her up for the camera to see.Her mother was too busy out with male suitors leaving her grandmother and youngest aunt to tend to her. Her mother craved affection and attention from these men. There were days she would be left crying in her crib, wailing at the top of her lungs while her mother "entertained" her company. It became so disturbing to hear her cry that one of her aunts or her grandmother would demand that her mother open the door and she be given to them to silence her cries.

There were nights her mother did not return home. Her aunts and grandmother had no issue with it as they loved keeping her. Once again she had always been THEIR baby. Her grandmother worried about her mother's lack of attention towards her child. Her grandmother worried about her mother's comings and goings as she was an unemployed, high school drop out, and single mother without a plan.

One day when she was 8 months old her mother came home and announced she was married. Her grandmother and aunts were flabbergasted. Married? Her mother went to the room and started packing. Her grandmother followed asking questions as to who she had married, when they got married, where was she going with her grandchild? Her mother simply named someone no one ever heard of grabbed her bags, stated they were moving out of state, and started towards the car waiting outside. She immediately sensed tension and started wailing reaching for someone to pick her up. For the first time, her mother came to her when she cried but, she did not want her and started crying louder as her mother carried her out the door. She cried as her grandmother and aunts cried. They wouldn't see her again for a year.

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