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How do we Know When Spring has Arrived? What are the Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spring?


What are the Sights, Sounds and Smells of Spring?

When we see the appearance of baby lambs, freshly budded plants and lighter nights we know spring has finally arrived.

I just wanted to list a few of those welcome sights, sounds and smells that herald the start of spring and mark the beginning of warmer, lighter and brighter days.

Lighter Nights and Longer Days

The springtime sunshine is a welcome sight.

The springtime sunshine is a welcome sight.

Light Nights are Returning

After months of leaving and returning home in the dark we can now finally see some light. The evenings are already getting longer with the children now able to go out and play after school instead of being cooped up in the house. You can now hear their laughing and playing in the streets again. After work instead of heading home to sit inside or paying huge gym fees people can start to get back out walking and running in the sunshine.

Our precious daylight hours are going to lengthen even more in the UK when the clocks change for daylight saving on the thirty first of March. This will extend our days and off course enable us to spend more precious time outside.

Spring Smells

Freshly cut grass is a favourite childhood smell.

Freshly cut grass is a favourite childhood smell.

Spring Smells in the Air

Another welcome sign of a change in season is the fresh smells which meet you when you step outside. The spring flowers with their sweets scents mingle with the fresh scent of cut grass as it receives it first trim of the year.

Perhaps most enticing is the intoxicating smell from the soil as the spring showers activate bacteria within it. The bacteria then gives off that familiar distinctive earthy smell that brings back so many happy childhood memories.

Springtime Showers

The weather can be a little unpredictable at this time of year.

The weather can be a little unpredictable at this time of year.

Springtime Showers and Colourful Umbrellas

Those famous spring showers are always present in the months running up to summer. The sight and sound of those raindrops rolling down the windows and of the children splashing and dancing in the puddles with their cheerful wellingtons is a happy one. The sea of brightly patterned umbrellas on our high streets becomes a colourful herald of summer approaching.

Look for the Signs of Springtime


Spring Bulbs Start to Appear and Then Flower

A telltale sign of the onset of springtime is the daffodils blooming. The tiny yellow flowers of the hardy little Narcissus plant break through the frost and snow to bring a pretty, yellow glow to our still wintery gardens. The daffodils mix before our eyes with the other spring flowers to bring a very welcome backdrop of colour into our lives. Those daffodils, snowdrops, tulips and other flowers breath colour and beauty back into our gardens.

When the wintery white landscape is replaced by a blanket of yellow, purples and reds we know that the summer isn't too far away.

New Buds Grows on the Flowers


New Buds on Your Plants

On checking the trees and plants in your garden, which have been so busy resting over the winter, you'll see signs of new life flowing through them. The trees and shrubs will be growing new buds and getting ready to flower.

What do you Associate with the Arrival of Spring?

Spring Lambs Appear

Seeing the new lambs is a sure sign Spring has arrived.

Seeing the new lambs is a sure sign Spring has arrived.

New Born Lambs

For me the sight of new-born lambs is the first real sign that spring has arrived. The tiny lambs spend their first five months with their mothers growing and playing. As they run and play in the fields you might even be lucky enough to hear their soft bleating sound.

Farmer's Markets and Home-grown Produce

People are busy in their gardens planting and preparing. Farmer's Markets are back with locally grown produce.

People are busy in their gardens planting and preparing. Farmer's Markets are back with locally grown produce.

Locally Produced Produce and Farmer's Markets

Later on in spring we also start to see the arrival of more locally grown fresh flowers and fruit and vegetables as the need to import quite as much decreases.

With this availability of more locally grown produce the local farmer's markets start to open up once again.

We also see gardens becoming a hive of activity as people prepare and plant for the season.


Hibernating Animals Wake Up

A lot of animals like our little otter friends pictured above don't hibernate in the winter and bear the cold with the rest of us. But a few animals do sleep right through those long winter months.

For example the dormouse and the hedgehog both store extra fat and build their selves cosy nests under hedges. They then go to sleep around October or November and they don't wake up till March or April. When the do finally wake up they are very hungry!


Warmer Temperatures

The longer days in springtime are coupled with longer hours of sunshine. The temperatures can still be cool but on the cloudless days with the sun shining it can be time to lose the winter layers.

Wearing layers is a necessity for those springtime days when you never know if it will stay warm or deliver a few rain showers.


The Spring Wardrobe and Your Sunglasses

That brings us firmly onto a more commercial sign of spring. When the shops begin to fill with t-shirts, sandals and summer dresses you know that you are getting near that time when you can walk in the sunshine and feel it warm your hair.

Because the roads are no longer covered in snow or grit it means that on the bright dry days you can start to wear non waterproof footwear.

Don't forget those sunglasses. As the sun gets stronger you need to protect your eyes and keep your vision clear when driving.

Flowers Bloom and Colour our World

Beauty surrounds us.

Beauty surrounds us.

What is your favourite season?

Spring Brightens our World and Warms our Days

It is not quite time to shed those winter layers yet but there are definitely encouraging signs that we are nearing warmer, fragrant days. So enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of spring as they emerge to brighten our world and warm our days.


© 2013 Anna Haven

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