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Spring In Autumn-A Short Story.

English is my passion, I’m in love with this language since my childhood.Only way to write perfectly is to read, read and yet read again.

Beauty of Autumn.




This is a short story about Autumn season and its beauty when you see orange,red and yellow leaves everywhere.It also describes your inner self autumn and how you can change this fading season of your soul into a spring season.Like autumn season,there is sometimes autumn in your life too when you think,you are standing in a closed door street,yet don't have an idea what to do.

This story will give you a hope and optimism to change your life's autumn into spring.Let's enter into the world of autumn now and explore the beauty of this season with mind's eyes.

Red Maple Leave in its full Brightness.



Spring In Autumn

Everyday when I sit on white metal chair in my garden,I love to see the leaves of my swamp tree falling down on green grass of my garden.The leaves of this tree have started to turn into yellow colour of summer as autumn season checks in.Some leaves are in bit rush,or may be put more stress in,that they are already turning into bright red colour which looks amazing with combination of yellow in.

I can't get my eyes of this tree because of its vibrant colour scheme,which makes me think if you put more energy in your life, then you can feel spring in autumn too just like every tree does when it gives its whole stress to its leaves to get a bright colour of autumn which seems fascinating to eyes.

However,colour of my life is dull yellowish at the moment,and I keep on thinking that it will remain same as I see no hope in life which is very slow and lacking hope after my mother's death.She was my best friend and my only mentor who would appreciate me all the time,even if I were wrong.It was very hard for me to see her dying in my hands and couldn't do anything to soothe her,was begging to doctor to do some miracle to bring her back.Her last words still echo in my ear,when she said to the doctor some days before dying,she said:"Treat me well as my daughter won't forgive you if you don't."

But Alas! Everything was in vein as nothing could help to get her back to life and death surrounded her with its all power and she couldn't get out of that deadly grip of death monster.Its so painful to write all this,as my fingers have stopped working,still I have to write to complete the story,an irony of all times.

My heart is broken into many pieces with a huge sound of crack, but nobody has noticed it, looks impossible now to pick up all those pieces and stick up together to get a new heart.My mind seems sleeping for many years now, and my body has got thousands cuts of all times,the pain I feel,is horrible to imagine.Like a nightingale which mostly sings beautiful songs in night but nobody can feel the pain behind these melodious songs.I feel just like that bird,wandering in dark and telling my story,but no one can see my pain I am going through.

Like a torn of traveller, who goes to some far off lands in order to discover a new world,but yet finds the same old place,and same tired faces.He can't find any new place to live in as he is in habit of going from one place to another.I feel dark inside me like dark scary nights of frozen winter, which cannot get close anywhere to Spring in Autumn.

I keep on saying to myself," com'n get some hope and power to fight",but it doesn't contribute much,It looks like I have lost power of thinking,my courage is buried somewhere which is as hard as iron to dig up to get a new start again.A new start where sun will be shining on its full peak and new land of hope and warmth, where light will be at all places,there won't be any dark,a land of hope and aspiration.

My friends advise me to get back to colours of life as death is a natural process,and everyone who is born has to die at some point.And parents don't stay with you all life,you have to learn to survive alone without them.But learning this and moving on is quite hard because to say is easy, but to practice it, seems impossible sometimes.

Though eye catching colours of this red maple tree in my garden are really giving me hope this autumn,this tree has been here for many years, but I never noticed this much as I am observing now.Autumn has forced it put all the energy it has to get the best colour of fall. And its yellowish colour of leaves gives a feel of yellow summer colour, red colour of some leaves seems to give you fire in winter season coming ahead.

Winter, a season of cold and frost,I already can feel freeze of those frosty nights in my shattering bones,the freezing wind has started giving an indication of snowy winter which is on its way soon.I can see few birds now,who have already started to migrate towards Egypt in search of some warm climate.Birds seem to be scared of winter which can kill the birds with its bitter wind and black frost.Even sun looks to be afraid of winter,as it sets very early,doesn't seem to resist in front of icy nights.And as sun starts getting away,cold and chill comes on its way with dark frosty nights of winter.

But this won't last long as soon spring will take over,and then you would smell a scent of blooming buds and flowers with crystal white dew drops on.And birds will be back from their Egypt trip in search of that scented air, you would see the birds flying here and there on flowers and trees with new leaves on in order to get a fresh start of new season.

Spring will put its heart and soul into everything,and you will see the result,as everything will feel a new life of hope and determination to live a best life, this is what summer does as well,it gives its best try to warm up the air,sun shines at its higher level to fill up whole climate with warmth and light.Summer is season of new determination and firm resolution.

But at the moment,I am sitting on my old white rustic chair and looking at the red maple tree as sun is setting behind the mountains with its rays creating red and orange colour on west side of horizon which is adorable to see,But nothing is soothing me in this autumn which seems to be staying on with no luck for me.

Though I am trying now to put all the effort to build up a castle of hopes and light to get the warmth of life which is lost somewhere in recent times.From this very red maple tree,I have learnt how I can use all my stress to change sadness of my life into happy moments.

Only then,it would be possible to get my Spring In Autumn.

Opinions are Sacred.

Spring can be seen with optimism.



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