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Spread Love

I am an emerging writer from Vancouver with numerous children's books available and several books in my new "A Better You" series.


Spread Love

We have a diet and fitness crave going on. I bet you could name 10 different popular diets out there without even taking a breath. Paleo to Keto to Atkins to South Beach and everything in between. You can lose weight and reduce inflammation in your body by just eating healthy.

How about exercise programs? We have yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, HIIT, and even just good old weight training. These programs are going to get you heart pumping and lungs flexing for sure.

We are all on this journey through life and the road is easier if we are healthy. As unhealthy as junk food and no exercise is, there is something far more lethal. A life without love.

Life is hard!

We all have to work to make an income or we will be living on the streets. We have to put up with people we don't like both at work or even in our own families. We are always in a hurry. We are stressed.

Is that the kind of life you want for yourself?

Do you know what every person needs?

If it was just more money then why are rich people unhappy too?

What does every person need?



That's it. All it takes to have joy in this world is love. Think about it. Isn't that what you want too? Don't you want to be loved. What if you woke up this morning and decided to spread love to everyone you met?

You have the power to touch another person's life. We do it every time we look at someone, every time we talk to someone, every time we touch someone.

What message are you sending to people? Are you someone who complains or gossips all the time. Do you look down at people? Do you judge people? Or are you the type of person that is positive and humble? Do you listen more than you talk?

We should never judge people. We don't know what their journey is all about. We don't know their situation.

I want you to try something starting right now. Every person you come in contact with I want you to start with a smile. Ask them how they are and listen. Afterwards tell them to take care and the smile again. If it's the barista getting your morning coffee, do it. If it's a co worker, do it. If it's a stranger at the bus stop, do it. Even if it feels unnatural for you to do this, do it anyway. Fake it till you make it.

Remember... this is just the minimum. People you are closer to, you can spend more time with. Let them know you care. Give them a hug. Maybe you're not a hugger but you would be surprised how good it feels. Hugs make you take a deep breath. It is a connection that needs no words. It's 5 - 10 seconds of unselfish affection that is shared back and forth.


Today in the world people don't like to touch. I say go ahead and make contact. Shake hands with your boss in the morning. Hold hands with your kids when you walk them to school. Give your mom a kiss when you see her. Hug everyone when you get together with family and friends.

Touch your wife or husband. I don't mean go for the crotch (although that is a wonderful expression of love). Hold hands. Caress each other's back. Make contact. Kiss... and not just "Honey I'm home". Look at each other and kiss like when you were first together. Have a shirts only night. Get naked and explore each other. Get intimate. Connect. If it leads to sex... great! If it doesn't... great! When you spend time connecting like this your love renews and grows. Work on this. This is important!


What am I getting at?

Interact with people. Spread love. It's the Law Of Attraction. When you send out love you receive love. It works and you can't stop it! It can start a chain reaction too.

That goes for pets as well. Animals are great at giving love. They just want to be touched and cared for. People are the same.

There are people that have lost hope and have no one to turn to. They are adrift in a sea of loneliness. Be a caring lifeboat. Your compassion could be exactly what they need a that very moment. You could literally save a life. Maybe some day someone will save yours too.

Imagine a world where we are all lead by our hearts first. Take away the greed and selfishness. Replace it with love. Tall order I know. We all know it will never happen, but what we can do is start a chain reaction. Begin a love line every chance you get. It will ripple through people and spread like a virus. This is the type of fever we need!

So starting today make a commitment. Start giving out love to everyone you meet. It may be hard at first but you'll get used to it and it will come back to you.

We all have the power to spread love.

Exercise your power!


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