Speaking Truth Without Fear of Judgement: A Shocking Revelation

Updated on September 4, 2017
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A thought by A Perplexed Soul
A thought by A Perplexed Soul

The Shocking Revelation of Speaking Truth Without Fear

Speaking your truth without fear or judgment is a challenge faced by many people in their day to day life. They speak of living by truth yet complicate their lives by not being truthful. What stops us from telling the truth? Is it the fear of hurting people or a fear of being judged by people? Truth is nothing but YOU!

A Simple Act Of Introspection

How often have you become irritated or angry, given yourself up, started to argue or debate, teach or explain, or withdrew when someone was treating you badly - ordering you around, judging you, blaming you, or dumping their complaints or negativity on you? How often have you behaved in any of these protective, controlling ways when someone is unknowingly interrupting you when you are trying to focus on something or get something done? A simple thought to the above asked question will make you realize that the options left at your discharge are as follows:

  • Either you speak your heart out by being truthful about your thoughts in a particular situation;
  • Or you can simply avoid the problem at hand by making any sort of excuse.

But my friend, avoiding a situation won’t solve the problem; it will eventually come back to you. Putting you in the same situation with two choices. Let me tell you a story of how a small girl got stuck up in a situation and faced the two choices.

Antara, a 6th grade student, was trying to find refuge from a boring math class by making a funny clown sketch of her younger brother for entertainment. Her innocence flowed through the little caricatures she drew on a small tissue paper with funny notes depicting what a pain her younger brother was.

She passed the paper to her two best friends, Riya and Tanya, very carefully escaping the strict old teacher's eyes. However, one of her friend Tanya started smiling while looking at that paper and to her horror the teacher saw her with the paper. The teacher asked Tanya to come forward and show the class what’s on the paper and apologize for disturbing the whole class. In this process the teacher as his regular way of punishment started pinching Tanya's arm making her cry.

Little Antara could see that her friend was being punished and is in pain because of her act. So that little girl gathered all her courage and stood up to tell the truth, dreading that a siege of pinches would be unleashed soon on those small beautiful arms. Antara confessed of her crime in front of her whole class and requested her teacher to forgive Tanya.

The teacher upon hearing this called Antara to the front of the class. That sweet child walked up shivering with the fear of being slapped. The teacher lifted his hand and patted on her back, appreciating her honesty. Antara opened her eyes which she closed with the fear of being hurt and a tear rolled down her eyes as her whole class clapped for her honesty.

Antara could not believe her ears and eyes. What trickled down her face was an innocent tear with a mixed feeling of fear and happiness on hearing her teacher say, 'I am extremely proud of you and glad to know a beautiful human."

Antara simply taught us at such an early age that it does take a lot of courage to speak the truth, but the only barrier you will face for speaking the truth is yourself.

Do not wait to hit rock bottom

Trust me I have been in a fix myself. But I learnt it the hard way to not give any f**ks anymore and just be truthful. Hitting rock bottom can be avoided by being truthful to yourself. I have avoided numerous situations by not speaking the truth or doing the right thing because I was worried that my actions or words might upset people. But being truthful made people appreciate and love. Yes I know people who do not hold a good opinion of me for being true about how I feel about them or their actions.

Everyone either knows the truth about themselves or has completely forgotten themselves in the process of living a lie. All you need is introspection to know your reality, your Depth!

I understand that the first thought running in your mind must be "Easier said than done." But what if I tell you that simply speaking truth will give you major peace of mind and will restore you to your natural self. Don't sit and wait for a resolution to your problems; rather become the resolution to your problems.

Be true to yourself and you will become the truth!

© 2017 Jessica Matharu


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    • profile image

      Poonam Sharma 4 months ago

      What a relevant thought! Truth always prevails - come what may. When you know yourself, everything is so clear and bright. Even small dot of light can end the darkness.

    • profile image

      Himani Belwal 5 months ago

      Its very very true....truth is d biggest power to win... Wow what a thought shared.. situations come and go just have faith in urself speak truth and rather sitting and thinking about the problem be a solution...