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Souls of Sisters IV

This story is not meant to offend anyone, please read at your own discretion.



Neveah went to her room still reeling from her emotions. She didn’t want to think about that stuff anymore.

“I know what would make me feel better, she thought. I’ll call Christian; he knows how to trix off.”

Christian was married with a child; Neveah had met him at the Garden of Eden. After seeing her dance the first time, he’d become a regular. He’d made it clear that he’d never leave his wife, but Neveah only needed him to scratch that itch every once in a while. Neveah had run into Christian’s wife on several occasions and didn’t see anything this woman really had to offer, she wasn’t all that pretty, she was thin as a rail with yellowing teeth.

Nea punched in Christian’s number; it made her smile to see he answered on the first ring.

“I was just about to call you,” he lied.

“Who is that?” an angry female yelled in the background,

“Are you on lock down tonight?” Neveah asked condescendingly

“Nah,” Christian answered, you trying to link up?” he asked two octaves lower “I gotta drop some dead weight but I can be that way in ten.”

Nea giggled, “Bring some of that gush with you, I need ta smoke.”

As stated Christian showed up in a little over fifteen minutes. Although Nea rarely used it, Christian knew to come in through her private entrance to the house. Together they giggled and laughed as they watched a movie and smoked. Nea felt every joint in her body tingling, as if she had surround sound and the different tones were massaging her entire body.

“Come on Nea, it's almost gone, take it to the head”

“I can’t, I can’t even move,” she slurred as the effect took hold.

“I’ll give you a shottie,” he said inhaling a large hit and blowing the intoxicating fumes until it filled her lungs. “That’s a good girl,” he purred as she coughed out smoke. He did a couple more until she not only could not lift her head but also could not keep her eyes open.

“Nea,” he sang “Are you alright?”

Nea tried to focus on him, but found that she couldn’t and the fact that she couldn’t she found unbelievably funny. Her mind continued to float in the clouds until she felt a warm sensation down below. Christian had stripped her of all her bottom layers, and had begun to manipulate the cords of her harp, she instinctively fell into a rhythmic trance. After what seemed to be a life-time Nea begin to feel the very fabric of her womanhood tear. With labored breath, waves of nausea formed in her throat, panicking Nea began to try and loosen what ever was restricting her air-flow only to find she was being held firmly in place. She slowly started to lose consciousness.

“Please,” she tried to beg, was the last words she could muster.


Penetration is key, to get inside of me, to feel internally

united in one flawless motion

ecstasy in which I become enslaved to the idea that I need you.

manipulate my mind to the point that I can’t find myself

alone only you are my home so use me as a way

to make me feel brave enough to sale out the rest of my dreams,

to give you my future, suffocate my independence thinking

so that I’d rather be responsible for your happiness

I feel enraged,

but I can’t escape the need to feel you internally,

so I plead, please, penetrate me, pierce through

to open my emotions, break down any future

forever abused but indoctrinated to the idea that I need you.

Use me up, till I have nothing left to give of myself

but to be a reflection of my former self.

The After-math

Christian was mesmerized by her lifeless body, she was so beautiful, something in him wanted her to become as ugly as the pain he inflicted. Christian watched as Nea whimpered and grimaced in pain unaware of what her body had just endured. He quickly got dressed, ashamed and disgusted he quietly left.

As Nea came through hours later, the air seemed so quiet. She hurt all over, “what happened she thought to herself”. She tried to get up to go to the bathroom to survey the damage but found it hard to walk. She turned on the lamp aside her bed and was astonished to see her sheets filled with blood stains, tarnished with some type of brown substance. “What happened" she asked again to no one. In shock and terror something inside broke, Neveah couldn’t stop herself from making the sound that turned into a scream she crumbled to the side of her bed like a wounded animal.

Brenya ran to the room, but found the door was locked.

“Nea, Nea sis let me in, open the door,” No reply the screaming continued. Brenya ran outside and to her sister’s private entrance as she generally would leave it unlocked if she had company. As she rushed into the room she saw her sister and tears rolled down her cheek. “Come on Nea,” Bre said, getting the sheet to wrap her in. “Calm down.” she whispered as she ran her hand thru her hair like when they were kids until Neveah stop screaming. “It’s okay, it Will be okay,” she cooed to her baby sister. “What happened,” she thought to herself. She knew from the stench she’d been smoking, and sex riveted the air. Surveying her sister tears slid down her cheek, her face had a bright red whelp along her cheek, bruising around her neck, Christian was the name that instantly came to mind. Bre knew this would never end unless she got deliverance, “Lord, she prayed her silent prayer, watch over my sister and help her to overcome this pain that drives her to madness.”

“Bre I hurt so bad,” Neveah cried, “I need someone to take this hurt away.”

“I know baby, I know.”

“Bre I fuck up, I’m fucked up”

“Neveah,” Bre started, but she didn’t have anything to offer, “let me run you some bath water. You can take a nice hot soak, while I change your bedding so that you can get come back in and get some rest."

© 2018 Leslie Robertson

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