Souls of Sisters III

Updated on October 15, 2018

You Just don't Understand

“Mawn, mind yo fucking business ain’t nobody talking to you. Now Alex,” he said jabbing his finger into the side of her head. “why can’t you get it through your thick skull when I say I’m on my way I’m on my way, I don’t need to give you no damn time. Go get in the car.”

Tina’s son Luke, as well as other members of the family slowly moved forward. Luke at nearly 18yrs. old was 6’3 and was a hundred and eighty-five pounds of pure muscle.

“Yo, I’mma need you to back up off my Auntie bruh.”

“Luke,” Alexis said shaking her head no, “Don’t.”

“Luke,” yelled Tina, “get over here.”

“It’s not right Ma,” Luke yelled angrily, “I’m sick of seeing this dude come at my Auntie like this.”

“What you know about that son?” Joey said bucking up to Luke.

“Bruh, Step back you ain’t about that life,”

“Let her go, said Tina waving her hand toward Alexis.

“Boy you funny, I’mma let you live to fight another day,” Joey laughed, heading back to the car. “Are you coming or what?”

Lynette looked on shaking her head “Alexis you don’t have to except this type of behavior, from him are you that desperate for a man?”

“Mama why you gotta say that?” Alexis whined running after Joey.

Everyone watched on as Joey and Alex drove away. Everyone knew he was physically abusing her, but she refused to leave him. It seemed because her father left her mother she was determined to stick with him no matter her fate. Throughout the remainder of the evening everyone slowly left as the day began to slip away into dusk.

That evening Brenya and Neveah got in their usual debate about their past. Neveah could never understand how Brenya could keep in contact with their biological mother. Neveah didn’t understand how could Brenya get pass the roller coaster of emotions and forgive their mother for what she’d done.

“Neveah, I know it’s the last thing you want to hear but you have to forgive them.”

“Bre, how can you say that? You above anybody else why I can’t."

“Nea it’s not for them, forgive them so that you can find peace in your heart, in your mind, and in your spirit. You’ve got all this rage inside and it’s consuming you.” Brenya took her sister’s hands, “Nea I’m scared for you, all this rage you’re carrying around will cause you to self- destruct.”

Neveah snatched her hands away, “Why did I ever think you’d understand,” she cried in frustration. “You never see things from my side."

“Nea, I know how it feels to have life has just toppled on top of you and caved in with one thing after another, but talking to God can bring you the peace you are desperately seeking.”

“Damn it Bre, stop shoving that religious shit down my throat. Every time I talk to you it’s God this and God that.”

“Neveah, I see you carrying this weight on your shoulders. I’ve been there, I know it sound cliché, but the power of God is real. He can turn this hurt this pain into a testimony. There are women out there falling apart while enduring even less, you should have lost your mind a long time ago, but God has given YOU grace to rise above this."

“Bre, you call this rising above? I strip, I am paranoid that every man I meet wants to break me down, I can’t have a normal relationship with another human being outside of you, hell my life is so pathetic that I am suspended from a strip joint. I am the very definition of falling apart. If there really is a god, then why’d he let momma do what she did to us? Why did he let dad, the only person who gave a damn die? I’ve been literally fucked in every phase of my life,” with a loud gasp, Neveah cried, “I just want to be made whole.”

“Nea, God didn’t promise us that he would stop every bad thing from happening to us. He did promise that he would never leave us or forsake us. Come on Nea, let me pray with you, right here right now,”

. “Fuck it Bre,” Neveah said pulling herself away from her sister, “I don’t know why I even bothered talking to you,” she yelled storming out of the room.

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