Soulmate Drama

Updated on December 14, 2016

Awaiting the same piece that's missing
Location changed
Living on the other side of the world
Awaiting for that look that would change
The look that changes the way you breathe
The moves that blow up your mind
The mouth that could not let you sleep the same again
You keep looking but you can not see the spark
I mean you see something
But that is not your spark
Not the one you've been looking for
Crazy dizzy thoughts pass through
As always you end up on your own blame
Cutting up the fame
Looking for nothing but a new name
Souls passing by
They are nothing but a crowd
You feel like an ordinary cloud
Where can i shout
I could go in the mountains with no doubt
Quietly, soundlessly, diligently trying to convince
That i have to rinse my heart under cold water

Before it gets even hotter

Cut me down
Tear me down like a autumn leaf
Nothing of it will occur now
Define me like another synonym in the row
Takeover the race
I won't be your grace
I stopped looking for the same you
Now i have i different view
Hopping for the perfect soul
Now i am feeling at my whole

Kirsty Hume Vogue Australia (November/1996) photo: Irving Penn
Kirsty Hume Vogue Australia (November/1996) photo: Irving Penn | Source


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