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Sonnet III. A Life of Sorrow and Embarrassment

World's lone sonnet grandmaster. Shakespeare's Sonnet 1 describes him as “the world’s fresh ornament and only herald to the gaudy spring."

I wanted yesterday to mark the start
of Cupid’s Month with some ceremony.
I instead felt ashamed — not very smart:
doomed by a Song, accursed by Prophecy.

The socks, they sucked, but I won’t give details
except that one was brown, the other grey.
My life in fact is full of shameful tales
though at this point, my self I won’t betray.

But I can be more candid when my time
has come at last, I’ll prattle with a laugh.
Unloading now just wouldn’t be sublime
nor could inspire if I’d spill all the stuff.

Perspective matters much — nay, it is all!
So meantime, I will tell tales proud and tall.

— Jose Rizal M. Reyes
February 2, 2017 / Olongapo

rhyming pattern: abab cdcd efef gg
sonnet type: English Classic 1 (traditionally known as English Sonnet, Shakespearian Sonnet or Elizabeth Sonnet)